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My response to Elephant Club of MN: I'm voting for Gary Johnson

Got an email from the Elephant Club of Minnesota today. I hope my response boils his butter.
Fellow Conservatives,

Please join other Republicans in supporting our Congressional candidates, starting with the Elephant Club Luncheon on Wednesday with Michele Bachmann! With 29 days left until the election, it is absolutely critical that we support our candidates to hold the majority in Congress and win the majority in the Senate.

Consider what is at stake-Obama doubling the deficit again after four years to the point we can no longer recover, China buying up more of our debt and the inability to stop one of the largest entitlement plans in the history of our country, ObamaCare.

So please help retain our majority and what's left of our nation's fiscal security. Thank you for supporting the Republican Party of Minnesota!

Your friend,

Cory Merrifield

My Response:

As a life long conservative, I would like to point out that neither John Boehner nor Michelle Bachmann, and not even our Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan have done anything serious to address our deficit spending. They are all just as complicit as President Obama and the democrats.

I'm sorry but republicans need to offer some serious change in order to receive my support. I've been active at my local party level, and will continue to do so in order to elect REAL conservative republicans. Not some neo-conservatives like the ones that run the party today.

Signed, a concerned republican.

P.S. I'm voting for Gary Johnson.

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Ventura 2016!

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You should vote for Kurt

You should vote for Kurt Bills though, look at his site he has a great platform and was endorsed by RP. He's being outspent like 100+-1. He's on a bus tour to every county in Minn up til the election. I'd bet he'd help Rand in the Senate. The incumbent has an atroicious voting record.

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Totally agree

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They can't win without us!

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