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Dr. Ron Paul endorses Republican Kevin Wade (DE)

Kevin Wade is a Republican from Delaware who hopes to be the state’s next senator. Wade has been actively campaigning for months and was unopposed in the Republican primary. Kevin Wade is the founder and president of Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc., a Christiana, DE automation engineering firm. The Delaware Republican Party nominated Wade to run for the U.S. Senate against incumbent Tom Carper (D-DE) at the Party's convention in April. It seems that Kevin may have just been given a boost in the state as Tuesday he announced the endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul, a Republican who ran for president with one of the some of the most devoted supporters seen in recent years.

“Congressman Paul’s support for the U.S. Constitution and a sound economy has been unimpeachable for decades,” Wade said. “It would be hard to imagine an American whose service to his country, not only as a U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon but as a Congressman, has been more steadfast and consistent than Dr. Paul’s,” he continued.

Dr. Paul said in a letter to Kevin Wade: “I endorse Kevin Wade for Senator from Delaware. He has shown that he will stand up for individual liberties and will be an asset in the US Senate.”

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My own opinion? I know Kevin Wade, I'm shocked that he got this endorsement... just adding to the article

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Yes, I was surprised...

Not that I find anything particularly wrong with the guy. Just seems a bit ho-hum republican. Still better than Carper, and perhaps with Pires in the race the standard 70% Carper vote will be split a bit, giving Wade a chance.