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Here's a review by Nutnfancy

"Hi-Point 995 TS: Ugly Is As Ugly Does" by Nutnfancy

My dad has one

of the 9mm models, and its a great weapon. Fun to shoot too. And I guess the magazines are interchangeable with their handguns as well.

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EAA Witness Polymer

I saw a You Tube video review of the EAA Witness Polymer Carry model which uses a single frame, but is able to swap out the barrels and slides depending on if you want 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm, etc. Kinda like what Sig tried doing with their P250 I think with limited success. I'm sure some other makers/models have this capability too, but it looks like EAA may have got it right.

I've wanted a .45 for awhile, so now I may actually be able to get one and convince the wifey that with a <$200 kit I can change the .45 back to 9mm when needed.

Of course I need a 10/22 too.

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22 lr - cheap and light

22 lr

- cheap and light weight ammo
- can kill just about anything with the right shot
- quiet, you can buy subsonic ammo that can't be heard.
- reliable
- inexpensive, a Marlin 795 or 60 goes for $150 or less. 10/22s are about $230.
- A 795 weighs just 4.5 lbs - very mobile.

From my experience,

Hi-Points are decent guns. I have one of their 9mm pistols and it gets the job done. It won't win a beauty contest, nor is it made of the highest quality materials, but for less than $100 it was a great deal. I'll have to check this one out too. Thanks for sharing!