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What is your Top 10 Republicans, Top 10 Democrats, Top 10 Libertarians of all time?

This should be interesting. It can be for any office too, not just president.

I've even heard Ron Paul say that one of his favorite president's of all time was Democrat Grover Cleveland, mainly because he vetoed a lot of unconstitutional bills.

Maybe your list isn't actually that long for these parties, but even try for a Top 5. I think it would be interesting to possibly study more about those people.

Even add a Top Ten for men & women that stood by Austrian Economics.

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Top 10 Greens/Progressives

1. Matt Gonzalez (spoke with Ron Paul and endorsed John Dennis for Congress)
2. LeAlan Jones (supported gun rights for Chicago citizens)
3. Anita Stewart (supports Oath Keepers)
4. Dennis Kucinnich
5. Bernie Sanders
6. Mike Gravel
7. Ralph Nader
8. Cynthia McKinney (stood up against the Establishment and took heat for it)
9. Ross Mirkarimi (founding member of GPCA, took on establishment and is currently taking heat for it)
10. Jill Stein (current hardest working Green)

Jack Wagner

I'll give it a shot

Libertarians (assuming you don't strictly mean party, just anyone calling themselves libertarian)
Really too many to count, but RP probably number one.

1. Ron Paul (if you'll let me count him)
2. Justin Amash
3. Barry Goldwater
4. Rand Paul
5. Dwight Eisenhower
6. Calvin Coolidge

1. Grover Cleveland
2. Dennis Kucinich
3. John F. Kennedy (I don't much like his policies, but I think he was an honest man)

Not sure I can think of any other dems...

Hmm. Not sure, but I'd like

Hmm. Not sure, but I'd like to toss out Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel as some pretty good Democrats.


I have no list of politicians I like.

I will make no list of politicians in good grace

There exists no good politicians.

-quiet engineer

This should be an interesting

This should be an interesting thread. I want to see who other DPers look up to.

Southern Agrarian

Top Democrats LLoyd Bentsen

Top Democrats

LLoyd Bentsen Jr Keynesian John Kenneth Galbraith chose Texas senate campaign opponnent CIA GHW Bush over Bentsen because LLoyd wasn't Liberal enough for their agenda in Texas (fiscally/socially). Not a lot of literature on him besides interviews. Was Margaret Thatcher's favorite Democrat.

Martin Dies (jr) Anti-communist Democrat from the 30's-40's (another Texan, yee-haw...)

Józef Tischner Liberal philosopher (not exactly modern liberal, not exactly classical liberal)

Robert E. Lee Statesmen who served in cavalry unit stationed in Texas...before his other accomplishments.

St. Augustine A great man and a great writer from the height of the Roman Empire. Paul often quotes his works. Anti-interventionist and theologian.

Top Republicans/Liberty
George Sutherland USSC Justice One of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse who voted against every one of FDR's new deal legislations when presented to the supreme court. Also fought against the LDS church in Utah when they tried to influence politics.

Rufus Wheeler Peckham Also USSC, Wrote majority opinion for Lockner v. New York case on liberty of contract.

Edwin Cannan One of F. Hayek's professors, enough said. Wrote books on problems with paper currencies.

Rhichard M. Weaver Anti-statist, southerner and son of the Southern Agrarian literary movement. His books are outstanding.

Thomas Sowell Anti-communist writer for ...cough... National Review.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn If you don't know who this is... (look him up)

David C. Stove Atheist Conservative from Australia, wrote on logic, welfare, and other things.

I don't know and some others...

Southern Agrarian

Libertarian 1. Ron Paul 2.


1. Ron Paul
2. Frank and Jesse James
3. George Washington
4. Benjamin Franklin
5. Rosa Parks


1. Ron Paul
2. Ike Eisenhower
3. James Garfield
4. Teddy Roosevelt
5. John Wayne


1. Andrew Jackson
2. JFK
3. Grover Cleaveland
4. Williams Jennings Bryan
5. Mitt Romney

The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal - that you can gather votes like box tops - is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.
Adlai E. Stevenson
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All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.
Alexis de Tocqueville
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A democracy which makes or even effectively prepares for modern, scientific war must necessarily cease to be democratic. No country can be really well prepared for modern war unless it is governed by a tyrant, at the head of a highly trained and perfectly obedient bureaucracy.
Aldous Huxley
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I voted Republican this year; the Democrats left a bad taste in my mouth.
Monica Lewinsky
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William Jennings

William Jennings Bryan?
Basically a right hand man for Woodrow.

Southern Agrarian

I rather think Bryan was just ignorant of central banking.

He rightly opposed the Fed for being a private institution issuing the nation's money, but he folded too easily and bought the appeasements.