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Romney going to Gitmo?

OK...so yesterday (10/8), Mittens has this big foreign policy speech and says that the he will strongly abdicate arming the Syrian rebels with anything they need to topple the current government
Now, according to several sources...the rebels aren't even Syrian!
I was watching RT this morning and they were reporting that physicians working in hospitals in Syria estimated that of their patients, 50-60% of the 'rebels' were foreigners. RT also quoted a German study that claims up to 95% of the rebels are foreigners! These foreigners are, according to the reporters, al Quaeda merceneries.
To bring this proposal full-circle, Mitt Romney proposes using US tax payers' dollars to fund an al Quaeda operation! According to the language in the NDAA signed into law on December 31, 2011, anyone aiding and abetting known terror groups such as al Quaeda is classified as a domestic terroist and therefore can be held indefinitely, without charges,without a phone call and a free trip to Cuba. Do you suppose that Barry's regime would pull this out of the bag 72 hours before the "election"? Could this be used to disqualify Mittens as a candidate and force a continuation of this Obama-palooza? What are your thoughts?

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