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Question about fluoride

After the revelation from the Harvard study (http://www.dailypaul.com/246541/harvard-study-finds-fluoride...), I have personally taken a closer look at the potential negative effects of fluoride consumption, and of course the anti-libertarian idea of putting it in our drinking water in the first place. My question is regarding the use of it in toothpaste and anti-cavity rinses.

For awhile, I was using a toothpaste from Tom's that had both xylitol and fluoride, and my teeth were always feeling healthy and clean, especially when I used a fluoride-based anit-cavity rinse at night before bed (also from Tom's). I recently switched to a pure xylitol toothpaste but kept using the fluoride rinse, and I notice my teeth are feeling less healthy (some pain at the gumline).

So, does anyone see any serious issue with using toothpaste and anti-cavity rinses with fluoride since the amount that is ultimately ingested is quite minuscule compared to what comes from drinking water?

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Use peroxide as a mouthwash -

Use peroxide as a mouthwash - a weak 3% grade (do not the food grade 20% at all). It kills the bacteria that causes decay and gum disease. In fact, it is the most effective thing that does so. It will also clear up the gums if it isn't serious - dentists will recommend it for that as well.

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Fluoride doesn't help your gums

You don't need it. Xylitol is the best thing going to prevent cavities. There are great toothpastes out there that don't have fluoride that make your teeth feel clean. I like a baking soda/Hydrogen peroxide blend and I put a few drops of tea tree oil on my toothbrush. You can also do a rinse with hydrogen peroxide diluted and tea tree oil but be sure and spit it out.


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xylitol does not prevent cavities

it is just a non-caloric sweetner. it doesn't lead to cavities like sugar does, but it does not prevent cavities. fluoride can actually heal a small cavity, and it will prevent cavities.

that doesn't mean there aren't any other health risks associated with fluoride.

Using a fluoride toothpaste is fine,

for most people, because you rinse and spit...it is also your choice,
having it put into your water supply isn't.
We live in a rural area, and our water comes from a deep bore, clean, sweet and pure...our teenage lolly eating, fizz drinking children have no cavities.

many wells

have much more fluoride in them naturally than what municipalities put in their water. That is how they originally figured out that very small amounts of fluoride in people's water helps prevent cavities.

i am a registered dental hygienist in CA and would agree that there should be no problem with using a fluoride rinse and a fluoride toothpaste. just be sure to spit well and try not to ingest the fluoride.

There is a big difference

In naturaly occurring calcium fluoride found in underground water and the toxic waste biproduct they put in our water and toothpaste known as sodium fluoride. Sodium fluoride is used in rat poison and also used as a pesticide. If you feel ok with putting this in or on your body that is your choice. Just be aware you don't need to swallow it for it to enter thru the skin.


but most fluoride gets in to ground water from agriculture( phosphatic fertilizers). some from volcanic activity.
whats odd is, we don't use our wisdom teeth. the forces at the back of the jaw when chewing would most likely crack our weak teeth if we kept them.

best info i have found on dental health.

Thanks for all of the info

I feel comfortable using fluoride products and will now work on getting myself fluoride-free water.

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You're getting more fluoride

You're getting more fluoride from your bathing and teeth brushing than you'll ever get from drinking the tap water.

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We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. ~ George Orwell