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Woman Dying of Leukemia Given TSA Pat-Down Despite Calling Airline Ahead of Time

SEATTLE (AP) — A Michigan woman dying of leukemia hopes her embarrassing experience at a Seattle airport changes the way the Transportation Security Administration treats travelers with medical conditions. Michelle Dunaj, 34, was making what she expects will be the last trip of her life on Oct. 2 as she departed for Hawaii. The Roseville, Mich., woman thought she had prepared by calling the airline ahead of time, asking for a wheelchair, carrying documentation for her feeding tubes and making sure she had prescriptions for all her medications, including five bags of saline solution. But Dunaj said she received a full pat-down in the security line at Sea-Tac Airport and had to lift her shirt and pull back bandages so agents could get a good look. She said everyone else in line got a look, too.

“My issue is: It was in front of everyone, and everyone was looking at me like I was a criminal or like I was doing something wrong,”

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So, Does She Like Romney or Obama?

Sorry, but I'm coming up short on empathy when I hear stories like this. Change is unlikely to come until things get much, much worse. The sheep still need the learn the basics of connecting dot A with dot B. If the state won't let you live with dignity, why would one expect it to let you die with any?

Absolutely Disgusting

How much more of this are people willing to take? When are they going to wake up and stop accepting this kind of treatment? Do they not care because it's not happening to them personally? This kind of thing should be sparking nationwide protests!

Aside from an emergency trip that I couldn't avoid last year (through Sea-Tac!), I haven't flown in about a dozen years. Things have changed far too much since my last flight, and I have no desire to fly again as long as the TSA is there assaulting people.