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Do you understand Ayn Rand's perspective on America's problems...

Ayn Rand was born in St Petersburg in Russia in 1905. Her father's small pharmacy business was taken from him by the Bolsheviks in 1917 and their family home was confiscated forcing the family to live in one room.

Ayn Rand experienced the horror of life under socialism in the totalitarian communist dictatorship in which the individual was sacrificed to the good of the state. She fled when she had an opportunity to visit relatives in America when she was 21 in 1926.

Ayn Rand became a writer and philosopher and her major work, Atlas Shrugged, part two of a trilogy, will be in theaters October 12th.

Here is an excerpt from an essay on her life at www.atlassociety.com:

<<<"Among the millions of Russians who were dispossessed, impoverished, exiled, or murdered during the dark reign of communism, Ayn Rand was unique in seeing past the economic chaos and political oppression of socialism to the moral essence. She recognized that those horrors were made possible by the demand that the individual sacrifice to the masses.

Part 2 of Atlas Shrugged is darkest part of the story. It is also the most relevant part for our world today. She idealized America as the country where the individual reigned supreme. But when she came to this country as a young woman, she saw that Americans did not understand their own uniqueness. They lived as self-owners, they acted as entrepreneurs in their lives, they enjoyed the freedoms created by the Founding Fathers. But they also gave credence to the moral code of altruism, which teaches that the noblest act is sacrifice to others. Rand—uniquely—recognized that moral code as the basis for the appeal of communism, and as the enabler of oppression. If a society does not recognize individuals as ends in themselves, with the moral right to live for themselves, then it will sooner or later start treating individuals as means to political ends.">>>

The struggle in our time is not between the two political parties, not between the leftists and the rightists, not between the liberals and the conservatives, because those on either side of those combatants share the same philosophical premises.

She dramatized the conflict between the prevailing philosophy and her more rational one in Atlas Shrugged. Her The Objectivist Newsletter 1962-1965 and her For The New Intellectual, The Virtue Of Selfishness and Capitalism:The Unknown Ideal make her ideas more explicit.

I suggest that all Ron Paul supporters, of which I number myself as one, read her works in order to help understand the most fundamental premises which are at the root of all the issues which face our country now.

As important as ending the Fed is, and getting the militant, radical socialist out of office, that is not enough. So much damage has been done and so many unemployed people are suffering but don't know what needs to be done to set the country on the right path, that anything could happen and in fact we are facing an hyperinflation and even higher unemployment as well as food shortages and higher prices.

We need to share the most rational vision of our society with an emphasis on preserving individual freedom if we hope to save our country from the unfortunate fate of those in similar situations have endured if they succumbed to dictatorship.

See the movie and read the books.

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I liked Anthem

and my boys did too. I read it out loud on a family road trip over the summer. It's a very short (100 pages or so) interesting read.

It's free at Amazon (for Kindle)


I suggest that all Ron Paul

I suggest that all Ron Paul supporters, of which I number myself as one, read her works in order to help understand the most fundamental premises which are at the root of all the issues which face our country now."

I just wanted to say that I am in complete agreement of your statement. Ayn Rand had a way of laying it all out and getting at the fundamental cause of our problems. More individuals should make an effort to read her works so that they can truly understand the evils of collectivism; not only in institutions, but in their personal lives as well.

"The purpose of morality is to teach you, not to suffer and die, but to enjoy yourself and live." -Ayn Rand