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Sheriff Says They Could Arrest the LSD Provider for Forcing the Cop to Shoot Unarmed Naked Man


In the sad case of the unarmed naked young man recently shot in Alabama by a campus cop, the sheriff is blaming the person who provided Gil Collar with drugs. The cop left his police station and came outside with only a gun (no pepper spray or taser) to confront the young man, instead of waiting for backup. According to the article, "if Collar's report indicates LSD, Sheriff Cochran says the party responsible for getting the drug to him could be charged with murder."

So now somehow rogue cops can blame their abhorrent actions on the person who provided an illegal substance to the victim. Outrageous!

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...that the cop 'only' fired once. (Perhaps the gun jammed)?

I guess its open season for

I guess its open season for murderers and serial killers. Now all they have to do is buy their victims drinks.

Sic semper tyrannis

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Above all, do not ask police for help if on drugs

My favorite comment from the Huffington Post account of this incident: "No hoodies, no public nudity, no throwing water...

I can't keep up with the constantly updated 'Rules For Surviving An Encounter With Police'.... "


Man they are going to have to arrest so many bartenders

if they are going to use that logic.

Cops will not be held

Cops will not be held accountable no matter who they murder, that's why they keep doing it. Useless taxfeeders protecting other useless taxfeeders, it's the American way. Yeah the LSD dealer forced this pig to shoot and murder a naked unarmed individual. People fall for this crap... What a joke this country is.

Too many Americans still think cops are there to protect us

I have perused the comments on articles regarding this Gil Collar case. I am amazed at how many folks: a) Think cops are blameless and b) Think that a person running around on LSD is a major security threat in and of itself.