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Why does America apologize for its empire?

Did Rome? Just because we were founded as a republic like Rome, does that make us any less of an empire than they became? Our successes and conquests should be celebrated, not looked upon with embarrassment.

What has not yet happened (but needs to happen) is for a military general to conquer the state. I would fully embrace this as it would end much of the mob-rule and criminal activity from the political class we have today. Governmental corruption should be dealt with for what it is: treason and the punishment should be harsh: public execution. You need a strong ruler to administer this type of punishment.

I believe it takes emperor to effectively manage an empire. This is essentially private ownership of the state, run by a family that benefits financially from the state as an asset. This is something libertarians should not be against. I think a state requires private administration to ensure the financial welfare of the empire and also to protect the integrity of the free market.

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Wrong site.

I think you were looking for this one: http://www.mittromney.com/

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This has got to be the most ridiculous post I've ever seen on the DP, and that's saying something...I really don't even know where to begin.

At the ethical level, ask yourself, is the empire just (if you're any kind of libertarian, obviously not, as the empire is founded on massive aggression, not only against the foreign victims but against American citizens forced at gunpoint to finance the empire)? At the practical level, ask yourself, do the benefits outweigh the costs, and be sure to remember that "America" doesn't reap the benefits and "America" doesn't pay the costs - specific individuals reap the benefits and other specific individuals pay the costs, and they are not the same individuals.

And recall that "war is the health of the State." The greatest expansions in State power occur during wartime. In American history, the federal government made three giant leaps forwards (which equate to three giant leaps backward for liberty): the civil war, WWI, and WWII. War, let alone a deliberate policy of constant aggressive war (empire), is anathema to libertarians.

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Comparative etymology

So, let's see... ( http://www.etymonline.com/ )

1. Empire, noun.

appears early 14th century; from Old & Modern French, "empire", meaning "rule, authority, kingdom, imperial rule"; derived from Latin "imperium", meaning "rule, command", from "imperare", meaning "to command", based on "im-" (in), and "parare", meaning "to order, prepare".

2. Liberty, noun.

appears late 14th century; from Old & Modern French, "liberté", in use in 14th century as well, meaning "freedom, free will"; derived from Latin "libertatem" (nominative : "libertas"), meaning "freedom, condition of a free man, absence of restraint, permission", based on "liber", meaning "free".


Well, on this end, I enthusiastically go for defending the idea and values of (2).

For some strange reason, I just find it sounds much, MUCH nicer, and much, MUCH more positive than (1) does.

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Is this an attempt at sarcasm?

If so, it's thought provoking. If not, it's completely foolish.

Lol retarded

Lol retarded

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So you are a fascist, you're voting for Romney, and you think Israel is "owned and operated by the US". You appear to be at the wrong site, my friend. You might want to try the Daily Neocon instead.

So in otherwords,

we fought off the British Empire and purposely did not "anoint" anyone King or emperor because we knew it was immoral and corrupt not to mention the fact that emperors and kings care not of anyone's rights, yet you think we should be like the British Empire was? No thank you, but can I ask what books you are reading?

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