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Liberty Will Be On The Ballot - Governor Gary Johnson

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Not Voting is the real protest

Not participating in this farce is the only real protest that will make a difference. Get the voter turnout so dismal that we can call it the illegitimate election it is. The international press would notice too.

I agree

This would be a nightmare scenario for TPTB.

They would not have a mandate to government, They would be illigitimate in the eyes of many, all across the world.

Im thinking maybe this is what they fear, so they are trying to get Ron Paul people to vote anyway they can, then they can do as much flipping and election engineering as they want, and the numbers look all rosy.

Protest instead of voting, Protest the Fraud of an Election we all know it is!

Listen to Rockwell too much?

Try listening to Rothbard and Paul instead.


Ron Paul says "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

Gary Johnson agrees with abortion upto viability...a crying baby in a bucket is not viable.
Gary Johnson says "If I thought Ron Paul was gonna get the nomination, I would not be standing here before you today as the Libertarian Party candidate for President."

I am sorry, but I did actually think that Ron Paul would get the nomination and that is why I put my money and effort towards his campaign. On May 5 GJ received the Libertarian Nomination that date was long before that day in Tampa.
Also found this here where on an Ixquick search: the Libertarian Party asked GJ not to sign something: Ballot Access News - May 4, 1995

"The Arizona veto was on April 19, and the Georgia veto was on April 21. Governor Gary Johnson signed HB 1079 on April 6, even though both the Green and Libertarian Parties asked him not to. The bill was introduced April 18 and passed the House Constitution & Elections Committee two days later."

However, if you try to pull up this site www.ballot-access.org/1995/0504.html you might get a viagra add like I do.
And I am also concerned here about persons in the GOP co-Opting the Libertarian Party because the PTB understand that Friends of Liberty are a significant threat.

with attached video http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=0Y1egV2Q2FE&feature=youtu.be

Does anyone know whether this could be true?
Then there is this libertarian blogger who thinks GJ is not libertarian enough:

I really want to know why ao many are so excited over Gary Johnson when Ron Paul said we should keep the fruits of our labors and Gary Johnson wants a 23% Fair Tax.

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great questiion...

alas, it will be one that these baaabaaaa sheeple will ignore

gitmo gary is also cfr

and a failed campaigner, too...witness, his enormous debt (that will soon, magically disappear) thanks to goldman sucks

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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Is Goldman going to back GJ?

Is Goldman going to back GJ? If so how do you know?

Absolutely not

It's about as ridiculous as some of your attacks against Johnson

I was asking for proof of the accusation

Hi, the person above me said GJ's campaign debts would disappear thanks to Goldman. I merely replied asking if that was the case and how that was known because that is something that was thrown out in the reply, and I felt the need that it be proved instead of just hanging in the air as potential truth...I was defending Johnson? i.e. if you are going to make that kind of accusation, then prove it.

I am not attacking Johnson, I am asking questions and stating what I see. All you have done is said that my attacks are ridiculous so now you are attacking me. Why don't you defend Johnson with facts instead of attacking me? Maybe I could be persuaded to vote for him? But so far, that does not seem to be the goal of some of his supporters here on the DP when I ask questions.

If someone was asking questions about Ron Paul, I would certainly find out the answers and give facts and defense or concessions if necessary, but I would not attack a potential voter. That just drives a further wedge between my decision to cast a ballot toward him. If someone had come up with a good reason not to vote for Ron Paul, I would have considered the information, been thankful for knowing better, and would not attack the person.

Are we not all looking and working toward Liberty?


Bravo Bear!

I could not agree with you any more, All I am getting at the moment is ad hominum attacks and down votes, no discussion, no reasoning, no logical rational thought, simply emotional outbursts.

"That just drives a further wedge between my decision to cast a ballot toward him."

Maybe that has been the plan the entire time? Who knows? Its hard to say, but im still kinda geting this feeling that GJ is being forced upon us.

Johnson is a protest vote against the Republicans & Democrats

I understand where Johnson is coming from too, because I used to be where he is. Maybe he'll eventually come around, just like I did. Even if he doesn't, it doesn't matter, because my vote for him is in protest to the establishment and he's already pretty close to Ron Paul.

When Johnson announced Ron Paul wasn't going to get the nomination he was ultimately correct. There's a difference between being "nominated" and getting the "nomination."

Claims that Johnson is not pro-liberty are wrong and terribly exaggerated, especially considering his opponents, Obama & Romney. Johnson is not as consistent as Ron Paul, but he's pretty close and getting closer. Ron Paul himself invited Gary Johnson to speak at his convention in 2008; I was there and saw him.

Most urging me not to vote for Johnson and attacking Johnson have ironically been people hoping to get me to vote for Obama or Romney, or write in Ron Paul, which won't have a significant effect. Are you one of them?

Im begining to think that

Protesting and Voting do not go hand in hand.

I mean, you either have a Free elction with Choice, or you dont. With Ron Paul's exclusion, and everything we have seen. It is quite obvious that there is nothing Free about these elections, Its completely rigged, So how do you protest by voting?

I am considering Virgil Goode

I am considering Virgil Goode as my protest vote. He is prolife and has supposedly come around. Who is to say though what is election year rehetoric. I figure though that I can go with Ron Paul's words about not being able to protect liberty if one does not protect life as a guide. So...my question, "Is Liberty really on the Ballot in the form of Gary Johnson since he does not protect life?"

And my major concern, is that he may be being used to co-opt Friends of Liberty afterall Truth is Treason in the Empire of Lies.

Goode won't make a dent.

He is completely off the radar.

Protecting Life is Essential to Protecting Liberty

Isn't everyone just saying it is a protest vote? If I am going to cast a protest vote, I am going to protest on the side of protecting life which Ron Paul says is essential to protecting Liberty.


I would like to see some answers too

Why is that so hard? Instead of attacking, how about discussing the issues, GJ diehards for some reason simply do not want to do that.

bump bump bump

Thank you.

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Bound and Gaged

Think About It.

There is so much we each can be doing to advance Liberty. Celebrate every path.

Advance understanding of the principles ... our own understanding, and that of others.

When it comes time to vote, even those conscientiously working within the Republican party need not, in my opinion, cast their private ballot in a manner which, assuming it will register as cast, would count to endorse a result contrary to one's principles. Allowing yourself to feel bound is the trap.

Single issue hot buttons is another trap of the manipulators who would corral you for their purposes.

Do not submit. You are bound to live in an unfree world if that's what you choose. Give voice to your principles. LIVE FREE .,, and, if you vote, vote conscientiously.

I aleady cast my vote for Gary Johnson a few days ago

And I won't be telling anyone, except close friends and family members.

I'm just trying to think of something good to say when I'm asked by ignorant Republicans who I voted for; other than it's none of their business.

If I don't answer "Romney," they'll immediately get suspicious, no matter how nicely I put it.

Except family and close

Except family and close friends...and everyone on DailyPaul lol

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Same Difference

We let our conscience be our guide.


You know who I am?

Because otherwise it makes no difference.

Sort of

You are the person who told me to read Ron Paul. Well Ron Paul said "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

and that is why I am considering Virgil Goode over GJ...because according to Ron Paul GJ cannot protect liberty because he is not protecting life.

thanks for posting


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