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Ron Paul Nobel Peace Prize Petition! Please Sign and give reason why he deserves it.

Dr. Ron Paul has been nominated to receive the Nobel peace prize, if you believe he deserves this award then please sign this petition.


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Here's my reason why that I posted on the petition

My thoughts on why Dr. Ron Paul deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, for which he has been nominated:

After almost 40 years of patient dedication to a noble cause, the everlasting battle for Freedom and Peace for mankind, and the uplifting of the Individual, Dr. Ron Paul has initiated a new age of political, social, economic and spiritual enlightenment, where fires of Liberty and Tolerance rage in the minds of sovereign men and women.

Due in large part to the efforts and actions of Dr. Paul, millions of people around the world now consciously understand what it truly means to be free, how to exercise their natural rights while respecting and protecting the same rights of others.

Through the principles of friendship, non-interventionism, fair trade, respect, sound money and Austrian Economic Theory espoused by Paul, a new era of understanding, awareness, and independent unity has begun and is spreading throughout the mass consciousness. Paul's unique understanding of Liberty, garnered through decades of researching history, politics, economics and has shown the world that the collective benefits the most by elevating the status of the individual. He has shown that by maximizing and ensuring freedom for all people, prosperity and creativity is simultaneously maximized. This concept, although seemingly paradoxical, can be found to be true in various examples and circumstances throughout history, and applies socially and economically, as shown by Dr. Paul.

The effects of the Ron Paul Revolution have yet to be fully realized, but the wave of awakening spawned by the eternal vigilance of Dr. Paul in his quest to learn and to enlighten the masses to the benefits and uniting properties of freedom has been unprecedented and unrivaled in modern history. The net result is a trend towards freedom and away from despotism.

The expansion of such noble and just causes as Freedom and Individualism will inevitably lead to a proportional expansion of peace and prosperity, benefiting humanity as a whole.

His Congressional voting record proves a strict adherence to his beliefs, and sets the bar high for anyone following in his footsteps. He has forged a path through the lonely darkness of collective hypnosis, enduring ridicule and marginalization all the while, and leaving a trail of light and warmth for all who chose to leave the blackness and enter a vibrant world of color and choice. Many will walk this path in the days and years to come, even continuing to light the way where Paul's path ends, as the bulk of the burden to make it that far will have been alleviated by the previous torchbearer. So many people will walk this path, in fact, that eventually the darkened landscape will recede bit by bit, as trails of light and knowledge branch off from the original lighted path, until the entire terrain is lit and the people have an unobstructed view of the land from horizon to horizon in every direction. It is at this point when the people will all be able to freely choose their own direction.

In my eyes, as well as the eyes of millions of people who have been woken up and freed by Dr. Ron Paul and his philosophies, Dr. Paul is the most deserving candidate of the Nobel Peace prize in decades, if not the single most deserving candidate in the history of the prize.

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for your service to humanity, and all the personal sacrifices you've made along the way. We are all in your debt, even if we do not all realize it yet. Freedom will prevail!

"So this is how liberty dies... with thunderous applause."

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Unfortunately, the same NWO people run this also.

They gave one to Obama, Kissinger, Carter, and Gore. This would be just more wasted effort, IMO.

RP Does Not Deserve a Nobel Prize

A Nobel prize for Ron Paul is an insult. To be associated with other recipients such as Obama, Carter, Arafat, and Kofi Annan among others is nothing to be proud of. Tell them to keep the prize and just send the money to the Campaign for Liberty.

It is not really about the prize,

as far as I am concerned. It is about the publicity that comes with it and a chance for Ron Paul to further spread his message when he accepts it or declines it.
It is our job to see to it he gets the chance to do either.

The presidency...

has been filled by the likes of George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Woodrow Wilson, yet we tried to elect Ron Paul to the presidency.

If anything Ron Paul receiving a Nobel Peace Prize would bring some bring some prestige back to the prize, or Ron Paul turning down the prize would send quite a message.

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I agree, I'm not signing.

If he won I would question what is going on. I think they are trying to bring back legitimacy to the prize but their cover is blown.

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