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If you do not support Lincoln, you support slavery

Thanks to Moxnews for this treasure. Note, what this guy could of said could of been said by Tom DiLorenzo or any of our guys about Lincoln's lust for power.


Also, the Epistle to Philemon destroys his blatant mischaracterization of Christianity's view of 'slavery'. Christianity deals with slavery, just like any other institution or societal condition as a matter of reality and not a pie in the sky kind of fluffy bunny children's book.


I already complained to MSNBC about this.

Also, Romans 13 and other scriptures say that we should follow all the civil laws of the governments we belong to, and the OT are civil statues have already fulfilled. Leviticus and other moral laws are to be a curb to sin, to be a mirror for sin, and a guide to live. That is the Lutheran understanding of the law.

There is just so much wrong with this. These topics have already been addressed by so many theologians and the scriptures. Lawrence O'Donnell is lying through his teeth.

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TV sucks

TV sucks

Southern Agrarian


I was about to rip you a new one when I saw the title, but then I read the body and realized it was a false alarm.

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