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Do the "Safe State Tango"

At this point, it looks as though the best political victory available to us is to de-legitimize the Demolicans. We want as few people to vote for Romney and Obama as possible, showing that the status quo has no mandate and no approval from many Americans.

There are at least three ways to get voters who would normally vote for the lesser of two evils to vote instead for a third party, independent, or write-in candidate -- or for no one at all. Two of those ways together constitute what I call "the Safe State Tango."

Say you're in a "safe" red state, and there's no way Obama will win there. Whenever you meet a Republican who wishes the GOP had done better than Romney, say this: "Listen, Romney will take this state with or without your help. If you don't approve of him, you don't have to vote for him out of fear Obama will win. Here, a vote for Romney is just a waste. Why not vote for someone you really admire, whether or not they're running officially as a third party nominee or independent? Sure, your candidate will be lucky to break into double digits, but at least your vote will say, "no more status quo" instead of "I approve of Romney." Do the same with reluctant Obama supporters in blue states.

But you can get Romney voters in safe BLUE states (and Obama voters in red ones) as well! "Look, Obama/Romney will win this state in a landslide. He sure doesn't need YOUR vote to squeak by. And if you vote for him, that will be interpreted as APPROVAL of him, not just a nose-holding vote against the other guy. Why not vote for somebody else, or even nobody at all, and say "NO" to the status quo?"

That's the "Safe State Tango". But there's another gambit for swing states, too.

Get reluctant Romney voters and disgusted Obama voters to pair up. Instead of canceling out each other's votes, they can vote their consciences -- third party, independent, write-in, whatever -- without affecting the tally between Obama and Romney at all. Instead of one vote for each being canceled out, both votes are freed while THE BUMS are canceled out! Just be sure you can trust your counterpart (see VoteBuddy.com).

There you have it: The "Safe State Tango" and a little "Swing State Side-Step!

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I'm stumped.

No comments and only two votes here? I thought people here would love the idea of reaping pro-liberty votes from folks who would otherwise hold their noses and vote for Obama or Romney. You don't even need to convince people to vote for anyone else in particular -- just show them they don't need to vote for the lesser of two evils in order to avoid the greater one.

LOL, because it's not controversial enough.

+1 from me BTW

Anyway, it makes total sense. But it is neither controversial or dramatic enough for people on DP anymore.

That said, at least DP is not RPF. RPF could drive a sane, grounded person crazy off a cliff.

So, I guess I'm grateful for that.