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I figured out how to spread libertarian thought to a statist

First off, never tell a statist that you want to abolish a government agency... It scares them to death.

Ask a statist if they agree that monopolies are bad... The statist will always say "YES". So why is it good in government?

The best solution is to promote competition in all walks of life and the only way to do it is to remove monopoly powers.

Ok, so all that us crazy freedom lovers are advocating is for freedom of choice. Period. Who could be against that?!?

For example, take away the FDA's monopoly power over our food and drugs and allow people to choose whether they want to ingest food and drugs that are FDA approved, approved by a wide variety of private organizations or not approved at all.

The consumers will decide and the marketplace will provide.

But when you think of all the poisons the FDA approves that are in our food and drugs, it's obvious that if they lost their monopoly power and there was competition in the food and drug testing sector, the FDA would fade away really fast.

In time, the marketplace will give us the best service at the lowest price...Not to mention that people would become much healthier and more conscious about what they eat. It's a win-win.

Bottom line: We don't need to abolish any government agency (including the Federal Reserve)... Just remove its monopoly power, allow open competition and watch the government agency become completely unneeded and disappear into thin air.

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I have been doing this same thing. When you explain Government as a Monopoly it seems to make some sense to these people. When you add in that competition benefits the poor and middle class they seem to get it some more.....good job

I Don't Think They'll Buy The Argument

People believe that government does things that the free market cannot and therefore the government is necessary for these things. On the surface, they can make the (seemingly plausible) argument that the government isn't out for profit and/or power and, thus, they're the best choice for certain monopolies.

If they claim the are anti-socialist or love the free market...

point out the fact that they are really a socialist.


Get them to agree to the Non-Aggression Principle, then point out that they are in favor of policies that violate it.

Hit leftists hard from the "left" and right wingers hard from the "right", don't come across as their opposite, but as a more radical version of them.

Try to tie into views they already hold.

Although, my most common argument is that the State is a bunch of criminals, I can't hold myself back on this point.

I absolutely despise, hate, loathe, and want to destroy it with every ounce of my being, and I can't hide it.

I feel like I have a compulsion to to call them out as the liars, thieves and murderers that they are, any time I get the chance.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard