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Ron Paul: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Ron Paul: Nobel Peace Prize Laureate|
By Chris Dixon

"Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) has become one of the most interesting individuals in modern politics. He not only brought previously untouched issues to the forefront of mainstream discourse, but also assembled a new force of political activists who are likely to remain influential for years to come. While his 2008 presidential campaign concluded with little success, it helped spawn a movement that transitioned into the Campaign For Liberty. The 2012 presidential campaign was a different story, as a delegate-focused strategy led to most state conventions being showdowns between the grassroots and establishment, ending with the Republican National Convention being a tense battleground. While Congressman Paul never became President, he has become a figure who will not be forgotten and his supporters will carry on this torch through the future of American politics.

The Paul grassroots have another plan in mind: Paul winning the Nobel Peace Prize. An Internet movement is slowly building to urge consideration with hopes of their hero being honored for his service to the cause of peace."

"Ron Paul has been a leader for freedom in America and peace abroad. He embodies the principles the founding fathers gave to America, by believing we should lead by example and not force. The use of arms to accomplish the goals of liberty does not produce liberty, but rather tyranny, even when executed with good intentions. By standing in opposition of war, resisting the propaganda that comes leads to it, and showing a willingness to work with individuals across the aisle to accomplish his goals, Paul has proved himself as a leader for common sense and humanity. He is a true American and a sincere human being, certainly an individual deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize."

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