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TSA Sinks To New Low: Humiliates Woman Dying Of Cancer (VIDEO)

TSA Sinks To New Low: Humiliates Woman Dying Of Cancer (VIDEO)

JOEL MOREN, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Published 10:33 a.m., Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A dying woman says a a security pat-down at Sea-Tac Airport left her embarrassed in front of crowds of people.

Michelle Dunaj says screeners checked under bandages from recent surgeries and refused to give her a private search when she requested one.

Dunaj, who is dying of leukemia, carried a large amount of prescription drugs through Sea-Tac to head to Hawaii for what would be one of the last trips of her life.

She called Alaska Airlines ahead of time to request a wheelchair and to ask how her medicines should be separated for the security line.

"I did everything they asked me to do, so I didn't think it would be an issue," she said.

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TSA Sinks To New Low: An Understatement

Don't you just love how much liberty we americans enjoy?