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Has Jerry Doyle Gone to the Dark Side?

I heard him last night shamelessly talking up Romney. Perhaps I tuned in at a bad time....but has he gone to the dark side? Is he just another ratings-driven shill?

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Jerry Doyle

Radio guy.

Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.


When the news broke that Doyle had gotten Savages spot others on this site commented that we should not expect Doyle to maintain any type of good message. Sadly, they have been proven correct. Doyle had his price. It was 600 affiliates.

We would have been naive to think the establishment media would allow his previous rhetoric to go out to that large an audience. He is used in the exact same way as Savage was - as a shill for the Republican party that poses as a critic of the Republican party. The con is relatively simple; win the trust and admiration of Libertarians/Conservatives by occasionally pointing out the myriad evils of the Republican party, but then always revert to the "lesser of two evils" doctrine at the last minute and go all out to convince the listeners to vote R. This was Savages con. Now it is Doyle's. I have been listening to Doyle every chance I get since he took the big promotion. He's compromised. Believe it. If you don't believe me just review his guest list - some of the worst of the worst of the neocon propagandists (think Col. David Hunt and Donald Rumsfeld) - of whose rings and boots he has enthusiastically kissed and licked. If you aren't feeling queasy then you must have the intestinal fortitude of a hyena during dry season.

I'm really really sad to read your report. I have no reason to

doubt you either.

I was so hoping we had finally made a huge inroad into the MSM radio. It deeply grieves me that this will not be the case.

Thanks for the report, I won’t be pumping Jerry Doyle any more.

It's like getting kicked in the teeth again and again!

The Winds of Change!

Don't be discouraged

Even though it is discouraging. I felt the same way. Really hopeful.

We recognize there are very, very few men of Ron Paul's integrity.
In fact I don't know if I have ever met one in real life. There are going to be many Jerry Doyle's. Men that aren't up to the task of resisting the kind of temptation that 600 affiliates brings. Don't hate him. Just try not to ever be that guy yourself. The establishment found his price. No doubt many of us will be tested, although in much different ways, as this struggle goes on.