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2008 supporters...seriously, What?!

I know the goal here is to wake people up, and more and more are doing just that every day. I heard Ron Paul's message in December and it immediately resonated with me, and I hit the ground running campaigning for him.

I'm curious though, why didn't the supporters from 2008 fight the states that do not allow write-in voting over the last four years?

We aren't doing each other any favors if we don't do the things that can really cause change in our current politics, are we?

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Many have tried and guess

Many have tried and guess what not enough people care to make it happen. And even in states that do allow it often the write ins don't get counted.

During the break the majority of people are not interested in politics lets face it. About two weeks before the elections they may get interested but still just vote their party never bothering to vet a candidate. They'll get a slate in the mail or hear a couple blurbs about their parties candidate if even that and vote for him or her.

So don't assume people have not tried. I am trying to get people to vote for Johnson I have an ad up for donations to get it on TV. I am still certainly not confident that the vote will be counted fairly but if the people will unite for once and put their differences and peeves aside and vote for Johnson (since he is actually on the ballots) and the election gets stolen anyway that will wake millions more up!

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you can never win with write in votes

even if they were counted. They'll never account for enough of the voting.

It's easier for people to vote for someone on the ballot. That is why candidates go to great lengths to get on the ballot. You want to make voting for you as easy as possible.

It's similar to a campaign not accepting credit cards but accepting cheques they will never get as much money just because it's an extra hurdle to write a cheque.

I always knew the political/government system was

corrupt but I never knew exactly how in most cases.. Just saw enough to know it was.. Thanks to Dr.Paul I've seen every single nasty trick they've tried.

The main focus has been on delegates and it was a good plan except one thing.. We had no vote count plan in place. For the life of me, with all that we and Dr.Paul know about this corrupt system, I can't understand why nobody had that plan in place from the start.

There will never be a L/libertarian, Constitutionalists president in office unless we form a separate well thought out vote counting system of our own. Even then it will be tricky keeping the RNC and DNC thugs from messing it up but it needs to be done if you think voting is the route to your Freedom.

I have other routes that are more direct.. I'm sure some of you can guess that by now without me saying it. :)

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Thanks all!

I genuinely appreciate everyone's comments.

I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck every time I mention I will vote for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul is not on the ballot in my state. People just don't seem to understand that some states do not allow write-in votes at all. Some do, but the candidate has to file a declaration of intent and name his VP, etc.

I've been called a traitor, and worse. It's really those people, the ones that seem to think I can magically cast a write-in vote, that drive me crazy. Most openly brag that they have been supporters since 2008-so I've just started asking why they didn't change the write-in vote situation during the pause.

In my state, if you ask for a paper ballot (which I do), there is a big warning across the top that says DO NOT WRITE ON THIS BALLOT! It messes with the scanner that reads the votes.

I cannot, and will not risk invalidating my entire ballot because our Congressman HAS to go.

Again, thanks everybody. I shouldn't have posted out of frustration after being maligned today for something I knew nothing about until late June of this year. I apologize.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

"People just don't seem to understand that some states do not

allow write-in votes at all."

Actually I think we do, we just don't care. I know my vote won't be officially counted but I guarantee they will be counted and logged. They'll know that millions voted for him no matter what.

Will they tell anyone the numbers in those states? No

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

"I guarantee they will be counted and logged..."? WHAT?!

Losing entire boxes full of ballots is standard operating procedure, and they do not even count absentee ballots unless there is a close race. Please, tell me exactly what the guarantee you offer entails, I am very curious how you think this will work out.
The Libertarians organized an effort to get a write in candidate elected one time, right after we moved to Idaho. All four of us went to our little precinct and wrote in the guy they wanted, and even though all his paperwork was in order, the precinct by precinct tally showed NO write in votes for any office. Is your guarantee retroactive? I'd like to file a claim against it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You missed my point.

They WILL count them before they trash them. You and I will never know what the numbers were but the gubberment will most definitely want to know just how many voted for a guy that they wanted least to gain momentum.

They are busy gathering every little bit of info on us so why would this be any different.

Now what they tell YOU will be a different story.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

You are correct

Not all are corrupt either. Alot of these folks especially in smaller towns are seniors who take their jobs seriously. And they will remark to folks how "you should have seen how many write ins so and so got. OR they will complain about having to have had to count all the write ins for so and so. One thing I taught everyone I could in 2008 was how easy it can be to get on a county party committee. And yes they do count write ins. I got 6 people elected with ONE vote cast.....their own write in!! It is harder in a presidential election but off years?? a piece of cake in some places to get elected committeeperson. Bottom line: Awrite in vote means they MUST open and look at the tape or paper ballot and read it. If you doubt this, become a poll watcher and listen to the groans when they must do this. I am writing in Dr. Paul!

Your question is a non-seqitur.

First of all, it has been about delegates and getting inside the GOP since the last convention. But, aside from that....

The idea of write-in votes being counted is a cruel farce. You can petition all you want. Even if you are successful in getting write-in votes "counted". All that means is that the amount of "other" votes are counted (theoretically) based on the marks read by the scanner or the one computer in the country that someone forgot to rig.

The only time the actual votes for Ron Paul would be "counted", would be if the number of "other" votes is so significant that it is tied or over the number for one of the two Communists. Or, if the campaign submits forms in advance and pays a large fee for paper votes to be hand counted. (Which the Ron Paul campaign has not done, in any state).

Sorry, write-ins are equal to not voting at all at this point. Feel free, I support you to do either one. But, the idea of getting write-in votes in more states would have been an utter waste of time.

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."--Mark Twain

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Steep learning curve. Don't forget in 2008 we were

rank amateurs, and we still are mostly educating ourselves. There was no established "party" machine that had all the angles figured out ahead of time. Acutally the dent we made in the R. party, the voice for Liberty/Peace that is being heard around the world is pretty impressive I think.

And unlike other 3rd parties, we are still growing exponentially with a fresh, vigorous, educated message of solid principle. At least on my good days I am very optimistic long term.

The main push was behind the delegate strategy

We really didnt have a plan B. We threw everything we had at getting delegates and while it was ultimately unsuccessful I must admit it was far more successful than I thought it would be, even considering the fierce opposition, fraud and cheating we were up against. That strategy will have long lasting effect too both good like getting supporters into local,state and national leadership positions and unfortunately in some cases bad, like the RNC stomping on future delegate strategy attempts.

A major write-in strategy wasnt developed because if he couldn't even get the delegates or republican nomination, a write-in strategy had no hope of success especially given the unfair rules for doing such. The opposition and dirty tricks would be far more fierce and difficult to overcome as well.

That said that doesnt mean their werent and arent supporters working on write-in strategies and working on changing write-in rules and have been doing so for a very long time and even as we speak. I would suggest finding them, supporting them and spearheading the effort in your state if you feel strongly about it.

Back in 07/08

I for one was not a Republican and I don;'t recall there being many Republicans for Ron Paul. I couldn'r bare the idea of becoming a republican, and I think many felt the same way.

So Ron Paul at the end of his run had a press conference where he asked the third party candidates and Independent Ralph Nader to join him, telling us, vote for anyone of these guys. It didn't matter whether he agreed with them or not. Bab Barr from the Libertarian Party (another lifelong Republican) didn't even bother showing up (tells you about the real inside track of the GOP/LP relationship).

So basically, Ron Paul sent us all back to where we came.. I gave Ralph Nader a fourth vote.

As for the write in campaign, I've worked on write in campaigns for Ralph Nader for three elections. From my experience, Ron paul is not a write-in candidate, this is another misleader option.

CA Sec of State sent me an email response saying they would post valid Write in Canidates in CA OCTOBER 26th. So you can write in Rion paul, but that does not mean your vote will be counted.

I have to ask, if writing in Ron paul is your choice, and you do not know for a fact, if he is qualifed, wht would you give the government all that personal information on your registration card that nayone can buy a dime a dozen names?

Many people here are still learning, and prefer to believe what they read that they like, rather than do the homework and find the truth.

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You "recall" wrong...

I was a Republican and RP person like many more tens of thousands were.

Note to self...gov't already has all the information they need on me. See: scare tactic from trollers.

The truth is not in you, granger, that's for sure!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Maybe it's where I live

But I did not see the GOP turn out for Ron Paul in 07/08.

I never dreamed I would become a Republican, thanks to Ron Paul, I am now, and the only regret I have, is not registering Republican in 07.

I tell it the way I see it, and while that does not mean I am always right, I am always honest, even when it hurts. I'm not a good liar. I'm very upfront about that with people. I even admire those who are good liars because it's a gift I don't have. There are plenty of times I wish I could lie because there are times the truth hurts and I'm not into hurting people. The world has enough pain. But I have found that if I don't tell the truth, I get caught and the "blowback" just ain't worth it. I have also found, that many times, telling the truth had rewards I never expected.

You can dissagree with me and have your own perspective and it be as honest as my own. Like the story of the six blind men and the elephant. I have also come to the conclusion that people who will call me a liar, are reflecting their own agenda.

Is there any video of RP from that press conference?

Saying to vote for any of the 3rd party candidates? I would love to hear that. I SOOO wish I knew about Dr. Paul back then.

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its true...

but none of THOSE third party candidates (except bob barr) was cfr/globalist scum!

So, Ron Paul endorsed them.

He doesn't endorse cfr/bilderberg/trilateral scum thats puts the united nations first and globalism first and American sovereignty second.

Thats why he doesn't endorse romney OR gitmo gary!

And thats the unfiltered truth that granger will try to lie about.
Thats the reason people like granger have no credibilty here and are continuously voted DOWN!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Here you go



You assume

You assume folks are not working on voter election issues. Pennsylvania has been fighting election laws for decades in this state. Fighting for nearly 10 years trying to get the Voters Choice Act passed. Trust me it's more difficult than you might think, especially with limited resources.

In my state

In Arkansas, they needed some 64,000 signatures to get the law to change about write-in voting for President, and they wanted them by July 6th I believe. Sadly I did not know this until late June.

I wish that I would've known sooner because this is something I would've made my top priority. I have no doubt that even people that don't support Ron Paul would've signed such a petition.

And it isn't just about Ron Paul. I think all people in all states should have the option of voting for whom they really want.

That being said, I know some of the states are different. Some require a candidate to register to BE a write-in candidate (and also name their VP).

I was just curious why this wasn't something that got addressed over the interim between campaigns. I would think the campaign itself would've fought this over the last 4 years.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain

along those lines...

We'd be pulling our hair out about now over electronic ballots had RP won the nomination. Thats another thing we should have had sorted in the years since 2008- the return to traceable paper ballots. Had RP been the repub nominee- they would have stopped him through electronic fraud/ vote flipping in the general anyway. Those machines have got to go. Live Free or Diebold.

"Pick your battles" and this was a loser all around

The impetus MUST come from the candidate. The candidate merely must sign a form stating he intends to run a write-in campaign. It is a not an onerous task, and there is NO point trying to mount a write in campaign without the support of the CANDIDATE.
I was hoping you would be seeking answers to more pertinent questions, like why so many of us did not "hit the ground running" this time. For me, the answer is "because there is no liberty without truth and justice, and this candidate has no stomach for speaking truth or seeking justice."
Ron Paul could have embraced the "truthers" without "joining" us - he merely could have pointed out that our first amendment rights are worth fighting for, even if he does not agree with what we say. Instead, he chooses to distance himself from "truthers" and so my support was lukewarm this time, and many of the people who busted their butts last time would not lift a finger this time.
I will not be writing in "Ron Paul." If he had bothered to fill out the paper, I would, but he needed to step up if he wanted "write in" to be an option for us. I will not vote for Romney, either. I probably will not vote at all, although I did promise the GOP that they could give me Ron Paul or I would give them Obama, so I may vote for Obama. (Note to any Romney trolls reading this, yes, I am serious as a heart attack.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I fully believe you

I have no doubt that you would openly and proudly vote for Obama. I feel vidicated by your post, I had you figured out from the get go.

What you say about write-in candidates is true.

Romney is going to win. Those of us who were and are, serious about Ron Paul's message are as passionate as we ever were despite Romney, Obama and you.

Have a great posting day.

Well, I ws sure wrong about you.

I thought you were a fairly reasonable man, but you appear to be in the "Do what I want or you are one of 'them' group."
I do my level best to keep my word. I promised the GOP that if they did not give me RP, I would give them Obama. I am merely trying to keep my word. To interpret that as support for any of the traitors on the ballot is laughable.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I am a strong woman. What I want is to materialze Ron Paul's message. Ron Paul chose the GOP, not me. It was very hard for me to register GOP and then go to a meeting.. but once I went, what got me is the realization I had been suckered by MSM as to what the GOP was. I have never owned a TV, but that does not mean that one can escape the MSM lies. I bought the lie about what is the GOP. MSM works to keep the GOP lean and mean to put people off, to make them hate and liathe and reject and buy into the Democratic Party.

It reminds me of when I went to college.. I thought the Fine Art depeartment was going to be full of the creative people, but I found that wasw not true.. at my school it was the nursing college. I would have never guessed.. my graduation only confirmed it as the nurses had these wonderful costumes and creative energy that stole the show, while the art department was the least creative.

The GOP is full of misfits, outcasts, special interests that I never expected.

At this point, it seems to me, the Ron Paul Republicans who got into seats and running for offices are very strong unique individuals fighting for their freedom and everyone elses, while those who blame the GOP, the RNC, and have decided to go elsewhere will not help us materialize Ron Paul's message, but fight us to keep TPTB, becasue really, they FEAR and HATE way too much to open their minds and hearts to make the changes they say they want.

If I did not take a loyalty oath to the GOP I would not give Romney my vote. I am not asking anyone here to vote Romney.. or Obama.. or GJ.. people need to do what they believe is best for them.. I don't see how anyone could vote for Obama, who is worse than Bush.

No, she is not telling people

No, she is not telling people who to vote for, but she did say that anyone who doesn't vote for Romney hates this country and the constitution. She also likes to trumpet the neocon's moronic statement that if you don't vote Romney then you are voting Obama by default. Clearly, she doesn't care who people vote for. Just because she derides anyone who is not voting Romney, and defends Romney on every post that goes against him, doesn't mean she isn't an unbiased person this election.

You twist my words

You take what I've posted out of context, don't provide links, stalk me, and don't respect my situation in the GOP, the party Ron Paul chose to materialize HIS MESSAGE, not mine.

There are two candidates who will receive electoral votes, Obama and Romney. Do you disagree?



I didn't twist your words. Anyone who wants to see what you said can see it for themselves at that link. They can also read your previous comments to see you badgering anyone who has decided to vote third party or not vote at all. They can see you come to the defense of Romney on posts that have called him out. You're like a broken record saying the same nonsense over and over and over and over and over and over. If you didn't go around spouting lies and badgering good people I wouldn't take the time to call you out.

Nice Post Granger!

Nice Post Granger!

Thank you (((((bear))))))

I have two brooding hens, and two days ago three hatchlings.. cutest little things, all black with white caps on the tops of their heads. The two are sitting on 6 more eggs (totally 9 if they all hatch).. I have names for 5, and if I get six, one will be called ((((bear)))).