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Boehner to Laura Ingraham: Ron Paul People Treated Fairly at Convention

Ron Paul supporters were treated fairly, everyone. Relax, the mouthpiece of the Republican establishment says so, so it must be true.


OH, WAIT...John, was this fair?


FYI, John, the definition of "fair" is not "whatever the establishment says it is."

Also this: Politico: Ron Paul delegates get nosebleed seats

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Looking more like an oompa loompa every day

And about as worthless as one too - well - unless you need chocolate made.

Yeh - except he isn't red

he's friggin Orange!!! Are you implying he is drinking some sort of alcohol made of carrots?

Something else of his

is orange also after eating those cheetos.

To my Liberal Trolls:
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Thats the picture's hue. Hes

Thats the picture's hue. Hes red when the video/picture is true. Look at his nose. His nose is redder than the rest of his face as well. Text book example of alcoholic face. This in addition to his regularly slurred and obnoxiously vociferous speeches. Theres at least one of him at every dive bar that needs to be tossed out.


Is everything that comes out of a Republican's mouth a lie? I mean it's congenital at this point. If these guys say it the opposite is true.


Truth in advertizing

Here's the speaker in his Nascar racing suit to show his political sponsors.



"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

this act resembles school pranksters at this point..

someone slaps a paper on your back that says 'idiot', you turn around and see two people joyously pointing fingers at each other 'he did it' 'no he did it'

this is gop and the dems, trying to push paul people to one camp or the other. oh ya, and the johnson people. there are 3 who think they are smart asses. 'you were mistreated', 'come be my useful idiot'. we will see if need-a-pair mr. johnson gets 10 feet from where he started

I've noticed this post has

I've noticed this post has been voted down quite a number of timeS. Are their GOP operatives in our midst? If there are, then I say, HELLO, GOP OPERATIVES! I HOPE THE DARK SIDE IS SATISFYING!

well sure

when your definition of fair is to cheat and lie. Yes it was totally fair.

Interviews like this confirm my being as far away from the GOP as possible.

Gary Johnson 2012

(and I don't care if it is a wasted vote a vote viewed as taking away from somebody. It most likely will be twisted or changed or not counted anyway)

Ya, I am still a bit bitter.

I wonder if she asked him what the deal was with reading the results off of the teleprompter screen? hmmmm ???

kick him in the nuts!

kick him in the nuts!

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Don't Tread on Me!

The RATpubliCONs can no

The RATpubliCONs can no longer silence me as I'm no longer in THEIR party.

that is not what you want to

that is not what you want to do. change the gop from inside.




Happy Libertarian

I can't edit my own post

I can't edit my own post anymore, but I wanted to incorporate the fact that Ron Paul delegates got the nosebleed seats. This is courtesy of ralph hornsby and Politico.


Never mind him. Boehner was

Never mind him. Boehner was acting like he was plastered at the convention (when doesn't he act drunk?). I bet he was like the 100,000,000 or so other typical drunks the day after they get plastered: "Oh man, I don't remember a thing from last night man! What did I do?....Did I really do that? Oh man!" Should we start having mandatory breath tests before and during the hours these people work?

He DOES look

like a drunk and acts like it too!!

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You cannot change something this corrupt!

Throw out that phony crying ball-baby too.

Crush the two party system!

Go liberty, go Libertarian Party!

The Winds of Change!

I totally agree. People who

I totally agree. People who are trying to change the GOP from the inside will soon find themselves 'changed' instead. (Thus, the trolls on the DP promoting Romney/Ryan)


Happy Libertarian

"Go liberty, go Libertarian Party"

pick one or the other

He says he thinks the convention

should be shortened because, well..."it's expensive and Romney was the overwhelming winner going in".

Never mind that in that already short period of time the RP supporters exposed you and yours and you were already terrified of them going into the convention. Your teeth were sweating. Every moment must of been a nightmare by the looks on your faces. Ha! So the solution is to shorten the convention.

Also, since the convention was already shortened by the hurricane, how much shorter are we talking? Sending out a memo? To whom it may concern'?

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Boehner is a joke!

Someone I know received a rather large glossy portrait of him in the mail asking for a donation. This person sent back the portrait with no money and just wrote a note saying "I hope you didn't use taxpayer dollars for these pictures."

Stay classy, Mr. Boehner.

Stay classy, Mr. Boehner.


Oh wait, he was serious, let me laugh even harder! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I don't play, I commission the league.


He's a good example of a 'psychopath' (as most pols are), coming up with his own explanation for the obvious, and expecting people to believe him! Scary to think guys like him are in charge...

You know what I like to call blowback?

Karma - and she is a BITCH. Don't worry, theyll all get theirs in the end.