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Gary Johnson Soldier Bio # 9 GOP Continues to Beg and Regret

Gary Johnson Soldier Bio # 9 GOP Continues to Beg and Regret.


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Are You Trying To Steal My Videos and Work?

Hey man, I saw that you responded to a comment earlier that was clearly directed to me on the ACTUAL post of this video. Your reply was along the lines of "Thanks". I'm trying to do something good here and by re-posting my video your simply taking away my hard work and splitting the view in half. Do me a favor and take this down or tell me why I am getting a little suspicious.

I can't delete this post -- wish I could

I did not see that you already posted the video here on DP -- Sorry.

Mods can you delete this post?

I am trying to help your vids go viral and I send them on Twitter etc.
Keep up the good work making those vids.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Bro I am sorry

I missed my nap today. I appreciate what you're trying to do. It's fine. Don't worry about it. I just was looking from the wrong angle