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Please help to ReElect Norman Tregenza in NH


Is there any of you here who would be willing and able to help Norman Tregenza keep his seat in the House of Representatives in District 2 in Carroll County, N.H. He needs to raise some more funds. I know Norman personally. He helped my son and I so much when we headed up the Bangor, Me. (Ron Paul HQ in 2008w hen he was living in New Hampshire.He was also staff in 2012 working alongside Jim Forsythe. He was electedhe House last term and is now up for another and is fighting a horrible person to keep his seat. He is a true Ron Paul Constitutional/Libertarian member of the House in NH.
1)  Rep. Norman Tregenza has not been in the media for the most part, but, like the doctor, has been working loyally and diligently to protect our freedoms.  Like the doctor, there has been no compromise at voting time. He has always voted on constitutional principle. 

2)  Rep. Norman Tregenza has been a behind the scene worker. He was active in the House Business Coalition (HBC), which makes recommendations to the full House regarding how friendly or unfriendly a bill is to business.  These recommendations are distributed throughout the House of Representatives, and legislators who want to be business friendly follow these recommendations. 
3) Rep. Norman Tregenza has been active in the HRA, the House Republican Alliance.  This group judges bills based upon the U.S. Constitution, the N.H. Constitution and the state Republican Party platform.  Like the HBC, a recommendation is also distibuted by HRA to those members of full House who want one, and many legislators follow the HRA recommendations. 
4) Rep. Norman Tregenza is a solid civil liberterian, who always votes against such things as fingerprinting, having the government keep records of people, or complete more forms.  He voted against all new or increased taxes and/or fees in New Hampshire.  He is a free market advocate, and is about as close to Dr. Paul as one can be in public service. 
5) The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance scored Rep. Norman Tregenza in its "Top 25" Legislators list BOTH years he served.  Only 13 legislators of 400 had this distinction.  The NHLA gave him a better rating than even Sen. Jim Forsythe, one of the most respected Ron Paul legislators around the country.

Most people will not know that this is a Volunteer Position.  All legislators in N.H. earn $100/year. 

A FB campaign page will be up shortly. No credit cards are accepted. This is the contact info:

Contributions to:
MWV Campaign Fund to Elect tregenza
C/O Lisa Hayford, Fiscal Agent
P.O. Box 205
Madison, N.H. 03849




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NH State Rep Norman Tregenza is great

Norman is a great guy! He has personally helped me with a great pro-liberty bill, which passed! If you can send Norman a check, please do.

Live Free or Die!

He sure is Keith!

I've known him for years and he is True Blue and dedicated to making real Constitutional

He is a Ron Paul Republican through and through.

N H legislators are ONLY paid $100 for doing what they do. This is NOT a salaried job
with perks

Please help him if you can. The guy he is up against is really bad news.

Ron Paul is My President

Please check out this thread

If you can help or know some New Hampshire folks please get involved.

The guy he is up against is horrible.

Ron Paul is My President



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Wish he were closer because I

Wish he were closer because I can't afford to donate but I'd put boots on the ground if he were nearer my county. I'll keep the info. Maybe he needs phone calls made or something, or flyers mailed. As a resident of NH, I sure do appreciate our Ron Paul people in Concord!

Blessings )o(

Me too

Norman is a great guy and doing a bang up job.

Ron Paul is My President