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Corrupt GOP Running Boiler Rooms to Kill Libertarian Vote

Dear Fellow Libertarian,

Today, Pennsylvania Commonwealth Senior Judge James Gardner Colins is expected to rule on the Republican Party’s final attempt to nullify the Libertarian Party’s hard-won ballot status for 2012.

How did the Republicans try to nullify LP ballot status? They falsely claimed that we falsified thousands of petition signatures.

The truth? According to legal testimony and documents filed with Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams, Pennsylvania Republicans hired Reynold Selvaggio, “a private investigator to pose as an FBI officer and visit people who had gathered signatures for the Libertarian Party, offering them $2,000 in exchange for saying in court that the petitions they had gathered were falsified.”

Bribery? Suborning perjury to knock the Libertarian Party off the ballot?

That’s what we’ve been up against. That’s what we have to overcome.

Do you think that’s the end of the Republican Party’s Dirty Tricks to undermine and sabotage the Libertarian Party during this 2012 Election?

Not hardly.

Republicans have mounted a targeted stealth campaign to neutralize, compromise, and con our voters into staying home – or voting for Mitt Romney.

Which voters? Libertarian Party members, Ron Paul supporters, fiscal conservative independents, and True Blue Tea Party loyalists in razor-close Tipping Point states – New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Colorado – and even Montana.

Hundreds of these stealth Republicans, pretending to be Libertarians or Ron Paul activists, are regularly calling into Talk Radio shows, and telling listeners why they just can’t, can’t let Obama win – why they must, must vote for Mitt Romney.

These Republican Judas Goats are trying to use ‘Social Proof’ – a manipulation strategy – to trick liberty lovers into voting for Big Government Mitt Romney for President.

We have reports from Colorado and Montana of boiler room telephone operations – with fakers, counterfeits, and imposters pretending to be ‘tormented,’ ‘struggling,’ and ‘torn’ over whether to vote for Gary Johnson or Mitt Romney…and deciding that they must, must vote for Republican Mitt Romney.


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GOP And DP Both Insults To Liberty And Humanity

This article is salutory reading for any Ron Paul supporter who may be swaying and thinking that the GOP is even a little bit sorry for how they lied and cheated Ron Paul. This lying and cheating is endemic and institutionalised into the fabric of the GOP - as likely as it is in the Democratic Party. It is pure evil. It is backed by corporate interests with immeasuarable amounts of money. For us there can be no alternative (as well as the fact that they would dearly love to give us no alternative!!) to refusing to support either of these insults to liberty and humanity. Behaviour like theirs, undermining as it does the most basic rights of us all, should be met with proper force and a very, very long time behind bars - preferable with hard labour!

Great comment

Just to make sure people know by DP you meant the Democratic Party not Daily Paul.


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I doubt that

these tactics will bear much fruit...a lot of wasted money and effort really.

Libertarians by their nature are free independent thinkers and do not have a follow the sheep mentality. I know that I would never be persuaded to vote for mitt regardless of what anybody says. I have my own reasons for supporting GJ.

You know, for what it's worth

I'd expect there's going to be a big voter turn-out at election time, mainly because people are waking up to the economic crisis.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Liberty party poll double digits, despite all this resistance..I think that's what the status quo is worried about, particularly the GOP.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

GOP runs Republican on LP ticket

The Republican Party did not like the Ron Paul rEVOLution advancing into the party, taking seats, becoming delegates and running for office. They felt things were just fine the way they were and didn't need the party crashers coming into their sceen and demanding to restore the Republic.

"The GOP has lost it's way". Ron Paul supporters were overheard saying. "We're going to take the party back to the constitution", seemed to become a theme.

As hard as the GOP worked to keep the Ron aul supporters from becomming Republicans, delegates and committee members, they finally got the break they were looking for, when lifetime Republican, Gary Johnson, who was running as a Rebublican against Ron Paul and other candidates decided to help his Republican friends, by taking a leading role in the Libertarian Party for those who really weren't into the fight, but love a scene, sign waving, crowd surfing, pot smoking.. anything for a luagh in the name of freedom, liberty and hate of the establishment.

And off they went... Ron Paul supporters dropped Ron Paul, his message and the GOP like a bad virus (what the GOP always knew they were anyways). The trick has not worked as well as they hoped, but it has helped a lot in that many Neocons believe they can breath again and go back to lying, stealing and cheating without worrying about some Ron Paul supporter busting them.

The GOP is indebted to GJ, of not for him, the GOP would be facing some really angry Ron Paul Republicans.

The GOP says, THANKS GARY.. we look forward to when you finish playing rock star and come home, we have plenty of gifts of appreciation because we really are grateful for taking those bothersome Paulbots out of our way.

you've changed in a bad way

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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Funny you should say that

I believe people become what they hate. I hated the GOP until I started going to committee meetings, and then I thought, "Man, MSM really pulled a big one on me." The GOP was NOTHING like I imagained, and that's not to say I don't see HUGE problems.. it's that I see they can be corrected by showing up and fixing them.

Change is enevitable, and I'm very happy I followed Ron paul into the GOP. What I find interesting is how many here who have never been to a gop meeting, yet want to tell me, everything they know from MSM, not personal experience.

You can run, but you can't hide" Joe Louis


You have become blinded.

You speak about the GOP meetings as if they're some enlightening holy place. I've been to GOP meetings. Yes, they agree with us on the budget, taxes, social issues, and liberties. But they're against us on a main subject: foreign policy.

But you can throw all our similarities out the window when you realize that they're willing to support a RINO like Romney.

Budget? Romney has not said he would cut anything and if he did I wouldn't believe him.
Taxes? Please, he hasn't talked about anything of substance where taxes are involved.
Social issues? Who can tell? He's flip-flopped on most of them and gives the strong impression that he will switch to whatever stance will get him elected.
Liberties? He supports the Patriot Act, NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, and so on and so forth.
Foreign Policy? I've been very irritated with Obama and his foreign policy considering he's a liberal. But now Romney is promising to crank up our foreign affairs overseas. THIS IS MY MAIN ISSUE.

All of these things stack up against Romney. And I'm tired of you using the MSM as a scapegoat for the hate of Romney. That is the most idiotic thing I've ever read here. Anyone on the DP that watches the MSM (that would be the minority) takes their opinions with a grain of salt because they know it's bullsh*t.

No, Granger, I'm sorry. We have that opinion of Romney because of his voting record, what he's said, what he's done, and the clear part he played in Ron Paul's fall to destruction this election.

I have found

When I tell those who don't agree with Ron Paul's foreign polocy, that Ron paul's foreign policy is that of Thomas Jefferson.. they shut up. Good luck with that one.. it works for me.

I use MEM as the excuse as to why people don't go to GOP meetings. Romney sucks and he's got my vote.

I',m NOT sorry. I have a job to do and Romney isn't going to stop me.

If we don't have...

...people like you going into the lion's den and bringing the truth to individuals, then how are they supposed to learn? Someone close to me still goes to Tea Party's that are full of neo-cons and changes minds individually. Someone has got to have this job! Thank you for informing the individuals to the truth. It's much easier to be around like-minded people than to be surrounded by people who's minds must be awaken. Just wanted to give you a word of encouragement.

I don't understand

When I tell those who don't agree with Ron Paul's foreign polocy, that Ron paul's foreign policy is that of Thomas Jefferson.. they shut up. Good luck with that one.. it works for me.

What do you mean, "Good luck with that one?"

And let me tell you something about the MSM, they are not anti-Republican. They are pro-establishment and that encompasses both Republicans and Democrats. Meaning... they are protecting both parties because it's in their interests to do so. So I don't quite understand why you think the MSM is protecting Obama and trashing the republicans. Have you ever watched Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck, or Ingram? Seriously, these are the media whores for the Republican party. You can't get more "party-line" than them.

And to top it all off, why exactly do you think Romney would stop you from advocating and supporting him? I have no reason to believe he would.

Your entire post is nonsensical and I wish you'd get a clue.

I have never owned a TV

I have never watched any of the shows and I have no interest in anyone who has a show, The Judge, beck, Shiff, the folks ytou mentioned.. I agree with you, they are pro-establishment.

I am not anti-establishment. I agree with Ron Paul that the establishment has lost it's way from constitutional government and I also agree with Ron paul Restoring the Republic with constitutional government is they way to go.

Ron Paul's foreign policy is Thomas Jeffersons's.. http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/24183/david-fromkin/e...

No, no, no.

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Peter Schiff are not establishment. They are anti-establishment.

Being pro-war, pro-spending, pro-taxes, pro-regulations, pro-federal reserve makes you establishment. The Judge and Schiff support NONE of these. And they have shown this through not only talk, but action.

And it is not the establishment that has lost its' way, but the Republican and Democrat parties. The establishment IS the problem. It provides no real choices.

Romney and Obama are both:

But what real point are you trying to achieve by telling me that Ron Paul's foreign policy is Thomas Jefferson's? I agree with you.

You want to know what the difference is during the debates?
Obama/Biden: I think I could spend more money for wars and other expenses than you could.

Romney/Ryan: You're wrong. I think I could spend more money for wars and other expenses than you could!

The GOP may generally agree

The GOP may generally agree on budget, taxes, social issues, and liberties, but they never follow through on the talk. They fall short every damn time.

Why work so HARD to defend your party anyway?

Why work so HARD to purge the neocons from the Republican party when you can take the EASY way out and stomp over the the Libertarian party with your one vote where they will welcome you with smiles and back slaps?

Who actually thinks the neocon-controlled, war-loving, spending-loving, gun-hating, constitution-hating NEO GOP can be won back by paleoconservatives? I do. As long as we all keep fighting and don't foolishly join the perennially 5% minority and make it a temporarily 15% minority while the NEO GOP becomes more entrenched and harder to bring back from the dark side.

Absolutely don't vote for Robomney, write in Ron Paul!

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

It's not that hard

The neocons are old and tired and have no new blood replacing them. All we have to do is show up and vote NO. How hard is that?

In CA, the sec of state said she will post IF Ron Paul is a write-in candidate Oct 26TH. I'm willing to bet you he is not, because HE NEVER APPLIED, and being he ran as a Republican, sour grape laws would apply to him.

Why give the county, state, all you personal information on a voter registration so they can sell to anyone, to throw your vote away on a chance, that your vote may be counted for numbers sake.. All Romney needs is 22% of the electoral vote to win.. looks to me, he's got that.

It's not about Romney.. it's about the message: WE ARE THE FUTURE, so Romney better watch out, because we know what he did to us, and why we won't run away.. but remain, to take him on in our own party.


Your party will die because it kills innocent people around the world -- get it?

Ballots thrown in the river and broken bones at the GOP primaries is another story.


LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

GOP is far from dead

The party is a shell, it's the people within who make the difference.

The Neocons are leaving. There is no one to replace them as they get old, tired and leave. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

We are coming into the party and armed with the constitution and Ron Paul's message. We are changing the party.

"Ballots thrown in the river and broken bones are not what we did. That was done by indiviuals who YOU choose to run away from, and allow them to get away with fraud, lying, cheating stealing, breaking bones and tossing ballots. We are not running away. We are remaining in the party, and like our symbol, the elephant, we remember what they did, and we will do even better the next election, because we KNOW, we have a great message, thanks to Ron Paul. We are armed with the constitution, and we are fighting those in the party who threw ballots in a river and broke bones. There are laws and they should and will be held accountable.

The GOP is not dead. We are the GOP and we are winning, despite Romney, despite the broken bones and ballot in the river, despite GJ and those like you who run away and refuse to fight.

GJ is a REPUBLICAN doing the Neocons a favor, don't you get it?

you sound like a neocon to me.

it sounds like a duck...it must be a duck.

Oh really?

Nice fairy tale you invented. Sadly, it doesnt mesh with the reality considering the Gops attempts at sabotaging GJ ability to get on the ballot. I doubt they would WANT people to go third party in a tight race.

Dont hate on people because their path to liberty is different than yours. We all need to look within to see what sits well with our conscious

if you're trying to logic and reason on granger...

you are beating a dead horse.


No one is sabotaging GJ. GOP LOL @GJ.

Be on any path you choose.. I totally LOVE you. I'm not here to dictate your path. My gosh, I was LP member 17 years, and Indy 16 years.. been there done that.. ENJOY with ALL your heart.

I worked very hard, collecting signatures and a petitioner for candidates in many states, protested, rallied, had events, raised funds, wrote thousands of letters, and all we ever got was multible law suits in multible states, worked with thirty six third parties.. but if you think you can beat the work I did.. doing less than a 10TH of what me and the organizations I worked with, dozens of Peace groups, Lobbiests,.. more power to you!!!!!!! GO FOR IT. GET IT DONE! DO IT !!! Just because I think you'll fail, is no reason to think I hate you. This time I have Ron Paul and his message and face to face every month of liberty issues threatening to disolve the constitution, and while the win may not be overnight, I have accomplishmend more doing it Ron Paul's way in the GOP, than 33 years before working with wonderful people, their way, outside the GOP.

My conscience tell me to not abandon Ron Paul, his message and the Ron Paul Republicans who are in the GOP and determined to take on this fight despite Romney, despite GJ, despite what anyone says or does. LOVE TO YOU, we will continue to FIGHT to Restore the Republic in the GOP as Ron Paul spelled it out for us in C4L.

By all means, do what you want. We are, WITH LOVE.

I dont doubt

That youve done a lot for the liberty movement. You must have a stronger stomach than I do rubbing shoulders with a party filled with neocons. I think we are at a turning point where a third party is a viable option. If GJ gets his 5% we can get the media attention at last on this possibility. I think we are about to see a lot of changes for everyone in the next couple of years.

Do the math

Minimum voting age = 18 years
Lp member = 17 years
Indy = 16 years
Ron Paul RepubliCAN = 2-4 years

18+17+16 = 51 years

add 2-4 years of being a Ron Paul RepubliCAN and she's approximately 50-55 years of age. Do you believe that?

What she's doing, serving on gop campaigns and committees, I did 20 years ago and my father did for 40 years before that and his father did it for 30-40 years before him. Been there done that. I know others here who have a similar pedigree within the GOP. She claims a few comments above, that she welcomes input and advice from those who have experience. Yet when experienced people offer her advise or constructive criticism she verbally attacks and degrades them. She is always right, never wrong, and "loves" everyone, until they disagree with her. Then her "loved ones" suddenly become all kind of loser trash batting for the other team.


Fancy Shmancy Fine Print:

The turning point is in the GOP

Fir a year I was a guest at the committee meetings.. I ran for my seat and won.. and then another Ron paul supporter showed up, and then more new members showed up nad now I'm looking at 4 of us at least. We will be the majority as a voting block, the others are divided, religious right, fiscal conservative, Earthquakers, tea parties, oath keepers.. It's a very good time to be a Ron paul Republican in the party.. because they KNOW what they did to us, and we didn't run away. Talk about facing people.. the newocons are dropping out because they have a hard time facing us... Look at how Rand is standing up... WE ARE THE FUTURE.


that's why everyone should shun scumbag romney

and write in Ron Paul

The LP is killing their own vote...

by nominating neocons like Bob Barr and Gitmo Gary.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Compared to Romney, both of

Compared to Romney, both of the above are bloody angels.

It's one thing to nt vote for GJ because one has a "better" candidate (Goode, write in Paul, whatever). But to use their "baaaaad" stamp as an excuse to vote for Mitt???? Or even to abstain (which in pratice means casting a proportional, 50+-/50+- vote for Mittens and Obama.)

GJ is hardly RP. BUT, he won't win, so he'll never be able to formulate Gitmo policy anyway. But if he is the "obvious" cuase for Romney's loss, the next clown with GOP top billing ambitions, will have to take that into consideration.

And the same goes on the left. If someone like Nader is running, please for the sake of all that is good; if you are an "anti-war" person, vote for an anti-war candidate; not someone whose antiwar credentials begins and ends with being content to kill 3 less innocent kids than Romney.



"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

They're probably all calling

They're probably all calling from Canada too. The Canadians, for some reason, have been meddling in our elections for at least a year now.

Blessings )o(