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How much does John Tate make per year?

I just received Campaign for Liberty Letter in the mail asking for funds to "keep the fight going." John Tate says without your money I can't help out these campaigns to win, etc. I know all too well about what happened with Benton & Olson, and the influence they exerted not to fight for victory but to sabotage us from within, and to cut deals with the establishement.

I don't know much about Virginia, but there were others who had experiences with Tate at their State Conventions.

Tate is asking for more money to win these "victories," but I have a question for Mr. Tate: How come you didn't want to win the Presidential Race, and they just shut things down early when the message was spreading all over the place and 7,000 plus people were showing up to rallies!? Then all of sudden the famous Benton letter came out that said Ron Paul wasn't going to be involved in primaries. He asked for money to battle in Texas and we sent it in, but they shut down operations.

I have been going all out for helping out candidates like Kurt Bills get elected and have donated directly to the campaign.

I am torn if I should support Campaign for Liberty with any more donations when millions have donated to the Ron Paul campaign under the assumption we were going to win this time. I was just wondering if
anyone knew how much Tate is being given as a salary at C4L? C4L still has $3 million on hand after the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign ended, and the funds have gone into their pot as it did in 2008.

Folks on Daily Paul have given the max allowed under law, and some of them are in the low income range while Benton was pulling in over $600,000 with his travel expenses.


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Tap Peter Thiel

...he's got lots to throw around

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

threw a C4L letter in the

threw a C4L letter in the trash yesterday.

Sorry, my donation days have come and gone. The Jesse Benton retirement fund will have to find suckers elsewhere.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

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how much do you make per year?
maybe you make too much and need a cut

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I received a big packet in

I received a big packet in the mail yesterday from C4L asking for more money and naming the candidates that needs help....

No thanks, Ill just donate to them directly so I know the money is going to where it needs to.

Just ask the Oklahoma

Parking Lot Delegates how much they're donating.

Just sayin'.......

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That would be slim to none.

But it has not stopped the massive PAC mailings requesting donations, almost daily. Some duplicates on the same day. I can't tolerate the waste, and it is not in keeping with Ron Paul's frugal and fiscally responsible principles.

another thought

Maybe the critical program that they are talking about is Tate's salary.....


my reply to C for L

The last fund raising letter from C for L is an insult to our intelligence:


No specifics, nothing about ending the insane foreign policy of the past 12 years.

I wrote them that I will donate after they use some of the campaign funds and I agree with their policies.


He uses the right words but like GJ, he doesn't get it.


Free includes debt-free!

Michael Nystrom and others have done far more

for liberty than C4L ever dreamed of. Where do folks go for news, ideas, and comradery? Here. Gigi Bowman is doing far more for liberty candidates than C4L. If they just get the names out, like Gigi does, we can contribute ourselves. And if I want to do something for Audit the Fed I will call, fax, and email the Congress like WE did before to help out. C4L didn't do that either!

Doesn't the campaign have over 2 million bucks left? Last time RP began C4L with the excess money. Now I see that it was just to keep these knotheads on the payroll between campaigns. What happened to the 5 million leftover moneys from 2008? It went into the salaries of John Tate and Jesse Benson: that's where. What the hell else did C4L do for liberty? Who even goes to that Site? What the hell do they do?

Except for that rock concert

Except for that rock concert like political rally when C4L first started, I can't think of a single thing they've done other than send me e-mails asking for money.

Concerning future campaigns

I think it is extremely important to note that we should be wary of where the money from campaign contributions is really going.I would myself only give money to back the airing of specific commercials/videos that CLEARLY promote the principles of truth,freedom and peace.Why can't we condense all of our great principles and contrast the liberty candidates from the typical politician of both parties in one tv ad or youtube video?If Ron Paul or Gary Johnson had an ad like that,I would give money ONLY to directly fund the airing of such a commercial.Maybe we could just get behind and fund an ad that promotes our agreed principles and mentions several liberty candidates.And if we had a great video and made it go viral on the internet,we could do that without asking people for money.

I have unsubscribed from the

I have unsubscribed from the C4L mailing list until I get a proper and honest explanation of why the campaign was terminated early. I also would like an explanation of why they only support Republican liberty candidates. Oh and while the explaining is going on I would like to know if Benton took off with all of our emails over to the McConnell camp.

John Tate

Has never really embraced the grassroots. I'm not sure at all why Dr. Paul has him run C4L, sorry to say he was sour grapes. May not be a bad guy, but the head of C4L needs to inspire people like Dr Paul, and have the support of the grassroots. We don't need no politicians, we need someone like Tom Woods to run C4L. At least with Woods he's all about educating those around us and who I can relate to as a liberty lover. In my opinion, C4L is history with Tate at the head, and Benton created so much distrust this movement may be permanently fractured.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.


I've made the decision to

I've made the decision to withhold all funds to any organization that Benton, Tate, Olsen, or Wead are associated with. I won't be giving to Rand either.

During the last money bomb I decided to give to the Ron Paul Truck that was racing in a derby race instead of to the campaign. I feel better about that $20.12 than I do all the $20.12's I gave to the campaign combined.

Downvoted for Doug Wead

come on, Doug Wead is the man! He's always been straightforward with the grassroots and was always the guy in the campaign pushing to go harder. Doug Wead on any liberty team is a definite plus for me.

I know I won't change your mind,

but please be cautious. He is a smooth talker, as smooth as they come, but his story just doesn't add up.

He wasn't paid enough

I think people whoud be paid well, really well. I have no issue with people making money. Why do you?

Did you go to a C4L event? C4L is important in training people how the political machine operates. We need more trained and credentialed people.

GJ isn't training anyone.
College isn't training anyone.

Usually training comes from an inside source. Si here's your opportunity to get inside training, or to help others who believe in Ron Paul's message. What's wrong with that?

Government like to to tell us it gives things for free. It doesn't. It comes at a very high price in taxes and loss of liberty.

If you can afford to help. Why not help. If you can't, why beat the only source liberty voters have?

He should have a roster of liberty minded candidates running

for election with an address to that candidates own election fund. Send it directly to the campaign of the individual and not to someone who will not be accountable for the funds sent in. I do not trust these individuals anymore after Dr. Paul's campaign.


Too much

Whatever it is. I'm sorry - I gave to Dr. Paul's campaigns, Rand's, Peter Schiff's, BJ Lawson's, and others. I am to the point of deciding to never, ever support, either financially, or any other way any person who desires to be a 'leader', 'ruler', or other position of power over other's peoples lives. I don't want a ruler, dictator, leader, whatever telling me how and how not to live my life. I've had enough.
I don't want a local, city, township, county, district, state, federal, international, global, or universal leader. At this point, I feel every man needs to stand on his own.

Cheers to that!

Self-governance is the only form I consent to. I watched the passionate, true "liberty lovers" get washed out of C4L because their pockets were not deep enough, and I watched the wealthiest ones get a taste of political power and basically and I watched the "liberty movement" sell out in droves. Here is the problem with true liberty lovers: They do not wish to rule over others.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

TATE....reads DP, so he can simply POST it!

....as in being TRANSPARENT, you know Tate?

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Support your local. Your independent.

I suppose if that maxim works for the food industry and small business...then it works for this too.

Yeah I got that letter too...not sure what to think of it. No, I am not gonna give any money to them as I wanna support my locals.

Local...decentralized....small business....grass roots....organic....that is the name of the game.

But...I still will side with these establishmentarians, though (yes, even Jack Hunter)...to fight against the NWOs and the Fed....which comprise the real apocalypse.

And so while I understand everybody's pain here...we gotta learn to make friends....even nominal ones...reach across the party aisle...or even the establishment liberty aisle....to defeat the real enemies...those NWO c*cks*ckers who want us all dead.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

no soup for you

... if your organization does business with the D's or the R's. Sorry, C4L . . . you're OUT.

I gave a small donation

recently after an email about pursuing Audit the Fed. Believe it or not this is a dedicated cause and I feel that some people are working on this nonstop and keeping an ear to the ground at all times. Maybe some are volunteers and others are paid for organizing, yet those salary figures seem ridiculously high. How do we find an accounting of C4L to see where the money is being spent?

Got that letter too..... I

Got that letter too.....

I saw John Tates name and saw he was asking for money, then I threw the letter away.

I will not give them any money. I will donate to Ron Paul, but not to his handlers who are more concerned about their salaries than liberty.

Give to John Dennis, Kurt Bills, or others.....

Better yet go precinct walk for you local liberty candidates. I devoted my sundays to precinct walking for my local Liberty Candidate.

I noticed

Mike Peterson is a liberty candidate is running in North Dakota - and had an ad at the top of Daily Paul which led to a chipin. I'd rather donate there.

I had a weak moment when someone for C4L called me on the phone a while back and I donated but swore that would be my last donation to them.

They actually sent me 2 invoices after I told them I was not giving credit card info over the phone and I went to their website and donated. Originally they asked if I could donate $1500! They're lucky they got their $20.00 from me.

Don't give another dime to C4L.

If you want to support Liberty candidates, donate directly to them.

Sadly, C4L is now filled with a bunch of leeches, who don't even share the same ideology we do.

Don't enable Tate to do anymore damage than he has already done.

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

they have plenty of funds

Political contributions is probably more risky that winning the lottery for any one but the very rich.

Since they won't go out of business -when have these things gone out of business I'll give when I see how they use the 2 million or so in campaign contributions hat they have less.

Another thought is that I wll not give more to a politician than I can afford to lose. I've heard Ron say a couple of times that he did not want people to sacrifice for his campaign.


who determines your worth

the people that pay your wages. you have no idea what this person does. you are judged on the results you produce. unless you are independently wealthy, you cannot afford to work full time for free. most of these people are qualified for the work they do, people off the streets are not. politics is a business and people go to school to learn this business, so the wage they earn is what the people that hire them think they are worth. just because you don't like the results doesn't mean that person hasn't done his job. unfortunately, there were enough people that didn't like the way the campaign was run quit donating. they haven't figured out that the campaign was run on donations and when they ran dry the campaigning also ran dry. dr. paul's campaign didn't fail because of the people that worked for him, it failed because people believed they were smarter at running a campaign than he was. keep hoping that your employer thinks you are worth the money they pay you.