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More signs of GOP disaster; neocon Allen West down by 9 points.

[From the Contract From America Newsletter]

Dear Patriot,

I was afraid this would happen. A new poll reports that Allen West is now trailing his liberal opponent by nine points!

It seems the relentless and overwhelming deluge of negative ads is taking a toll on Allen's campaign...Please make an emergency online donation today. The election is only a few weeks away, and Allen West, Tim Scott, Mia Love, and Vernon Parker are in real trouble!

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allen west is the rep for my district

and he is a war monger who wants a police state. There are cameras on every corner where I live. He has publicly trashed Ron Paul. he supported NDAA, against an audit of the fed, the list goes on. $#&* west and the GOP zombies that think he is some kind of hero.

I wont be voting for a liberal, but I sure as hell wont be voting for Allen west to represent ME.

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Lets keep getting liberty candidates in!

Why are those 4 names together.

Are any of those 4 people above the 50 pct level in terms of liberty goodness.

Neoconservativism is more

Neoconservativism is more dangerous than liberalism

They're intulectual Godfather is Leon Trotsky

Don't ever forget it. They're brutal communists. They oppose big government when they're not at the helm.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

They're both equally dangerous

They both are to blame for the place we now find ourselves. To say one is worse than the other is just a bias on some issues over the other.

Both are responsible for why we are in perpetual war, debt, and attack on civil liberties.

And when the economy and the

And when the economy and the currency implode in the next year(or two max), all those in power will be blamed.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Anyone can sink him by using

Anyone can sink him by using his own words. Remember when he attacked the tea party? lol.

Oh well. That's what he gets

Oh well. That's what he gets for violating the Constitution with his neocon votes. Scarier still though is from what I've seen if Romney wins, warmongering Islamophobe West will be appointed as Sec. of Defense.

Blessings )o(