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Reading the "tea leaves" today, are the neocons making a power grab for Romney?

Somebody signed my company's "sales" distribution list up for "CNN Breaking News" spam. Today we have received three separate emails from CNN about how Mitt has enjoyed a bounce in the polls after the most recent "debate", but the Subject of the message each time has been "Mitt Romney Almost President". To me this looks like clear social engineering to influence those that respond to this sort of "sheeple" group-think.

And why not right? Mitt has promised to be very war-hawkish and start as many as 4 new wars. Good business for the news networks, bankers etc.

So I'm sitting in a local coffee shop and wondering if the people can really be that stupid to fall for this. I then overhear a conversation from a couple of locals about how we need to "wake up" to the "fact that we are all involved in Jihad" and that the government protects us from "100's of acts of terrorism daily". I was stupidified. I stared at her and wanted to talk some sense into her, but had no idea where to begin. She noticed me staring, started whispering and left. My guess is she will phone the "see something, say something" hot line and report me as an "operative".

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They were probably listening to Hannity or Beck

Don't worry thought, We know Romney will ask his attorneys before going to war, so we're cool. If he asks 10 different attorneys he will get 10 different "opinions" and since they are billing hourly it will be some time before they get back to him. LOL


Reminds me of when I hear people talking about how Americans need to "wake up" to the reality of the Middle East and Israel.

At first, I'm all "Yeah! Finally people are starting to get it!" ...until they actually start talking. "The Muslims want to kill all the jooz and these LIBERALS are talking about freedom! THIS IS FOR FREEDOM!" Some people just want to believe it badly enough so they don't ever have to think about how they've helped create the hell we all now live in.

Nowadays, I'm pretty much resigned to the mindset that most people have always been puppets for a ruling class and that's never really going to change, at least for the puppets. If they don't want to cut the strings, then the puppeteers have no reason to stop the show. For if it did stop, there would be nothing left to distract us from the fact that we have created our own Hell.

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