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Future STATESMEN: Common Citizens - like Joe Walsh!

Congressman Joe Walsh - the over the top, LOUDMOUTH from Illinois 8th congressional District FINALLY got his Obama/Axelrod handpicked opponent to come to a LIVE debate last night ... guys - it was AWESOME!!!

First, here is a video I shot of Joe Walsh at the Illinois Republican State Convention where YOU GUYS sent me to be a DELEGATE(thank you for the gas money!) - here: Chairman Pat Brady ADMITS the Party did NOTHING to help him get elected in 2010 - but he unseated the incumbent Democrat because he was SICK OF IT, generally speaking!(like all of us)

(I was seated, our county was seated, front and center at the convention - I shook Joe Walsh's hand when he was done; his fire is born out of his DISGUST for Washington politicians)


Now, as far as this issue (video below) is concerned; Joe Walsh CLOSED this debate last night saying "Thank You for coming, Tammy...I am sorry you chose to LIE to everyone here tonight about the lawsuit - I have a copy of the court filing right here - your next court date is in December!"[somebody FIND that video - that was a SLAM DUNK]


Joe Walsh is now a National lightening rod as well; Google his name and watch the videos - the media HATES his direct speech - MSNBC goes after him all the time as an amateur; but he controls the conversation...the "supposedly" left DOES NOT want him winning re-election...I want him to endorse me if I were to ever run again!

FOLKS: this is HOW we take out nation back!!! Common Citizens FED UP with politicians RUN for office - I tried it - everyone should!!!

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Well, he's certainly not a

Well, he's certainly not a libertarian, but he is a fiscal conservative and agrees with Rand on ending foreign aid to Pakistan, Egypt and Libya. If I were in his district, I'd vote for him.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

dinner bump...

...anyone like Joe Walsh's outspoken personality?