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Romney 3rd place finish on Nov. 6th will be the best day of my life

Romney Ryan ticket deserves a 3rd place finish and the corrupt neo-con war loving big govt. GOP deserves a return to the 3rd party status.

GOP -- you can't win without us!

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Let's make sure we make it

Let's make sure we make it happen!

I don't care if Obama wins because I voted for Gary, I will never vote for Romney and his neo-con buddies.

i wish

but that's not gonna happen. if gj was in the debates that could possibly happen though.
hopefully Romney will lose and we can run rand and ron in 2016. if obama calls in the next two debates again it will be a Romney win in 2016.

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Mine, Too

But I'd be really happy if we had another shot at a liberty candidate in four years, which is more likely if the incumbent stays in on a margin smaller than the Gary Johnson vote, or a bigger margin that shows, clearly, how the GOP shot itself in the face.

If Romney wins, things won't be any better and we'll have him for eight years if the country survives.

Given what's coming economically, whoever gets in will get the blame, most likely.

And, it's very unlikely Romney would run a third time. I think Ron Paul might have been the only one to do that.

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I predict

Obama 52%
Romney 46%
Johnson 2%

I will vote for Johnson, I hope I am wrong, but I am a realist.

An election night prediction

Obama 50%
Romney 44%
Johnson 6%

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Gary Johnson is the one that's coming in third. Romney's gonna win.

"GOP -- You can't win without us."

Us? I'm voting Romney/Ryan on November 6. Romney stinks, but, he's better than what we've got now.

In light of Romney and his

In light of Romney and his recent remarks regarding arming Syrian rebels and working with groups that will work with us?

I am always impressed at the diversity I see on this site and I appreciate your perspective.

I just saw that clip five minutes ago.

I wanted to puke my guts out. But, at the end of the day, it's pointless to blame Romney. The people that supported Romney in the primaries support that kind of foreign policy.

Had I been alive and old enough to vote in the eighties, I would have supported Reagan's covert operations in Central America to arm anti-communists forces in order to keep any more countries in the Western Hemisphere falling into the Communist sphere like Cuba. Even in hindsight, I can't necessarily say that I blame Reagan, we were at war with the Soviet Union, albeit a cold one. Reagan should have been more astute and seen that the Soviet Union was on its way out and once that happened, Central American, communist countries would no longer be a threat to us.

But, like I said, I support what Reagan did because we were in a cold war. I don't support what Obama has been doing with regards with Libya and Syria because we are not in a cold war any longer. However, you've got to remember that most voters were voting age DURING the Cold War and much of their foreign policy world view is based on the Cold War. I'm still going to vote for Mitt because he is much better on the economy, religious freedom, states' rights, abortion, and isn't anywhere near as pro-UN/globalist as Obama.

Obama has been arming the rebels anyway and will continue to do so if he is reelected. The fact that Romney is just as bad as him on this issue does not negate the areas where Romney would make a much better president.

Yes they can

all they need is 22% of the electoral college to win.

You're setting yourself up for some long years of bad days.

And just what states would those be?

The only states Romney has much of a chance of winning are Utah (6), Nebraska (5), Idaho(4) and, maybe,Wyoming (3).

He needs Ohio

Florida, Virginia, Colorado and Nevada


evil is evil no matter how you name it

The two party duopoly is over on Nov. 6th.

All LP needs is 5% of the vote to receive the major party status.
And...95 million dollars so a Liberty candidate can win in 2016!

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You are lying to yourself

The LP needs 15% just to pay GJ back with tax payer money.

It's not about who is the president. GJ has no committees, no one in office to deliver whatever message he is selling you. He has NO back up? Do you actually think the GOP and Democratic party would do what he says? Do you think the FRS would allow him to live a year? Get real (((((((LL)))))))))

Evil is allowing evil to suatain by running away from it.

the point is

that a third party president wouldn't have to do what the scumbag D's or R's say to do.

"Evil is allowing evil to suatain by running away from it."

...well I'm not sure what "suatain" means, but I'd say that evil is actively promoting evil, which is what you do all day long on the DP by promoting Mittbama.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


I have not asked you or anyone here to vote for Romney. I admit I'm voting Romney because I believe Ron paul Republicans deserve the opportunity tio hold his feat to the fire, as no one is holding Obama's feet to the fire.

"I have not asked you or anyone here to vote for Romney"

another lie from the pathological liar.

One pathological liar...

...supporting another pathological liar for President.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."