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Chinese Corps Are National Security Threat. (Who? What? ISN'T a "Threat" to us now?) BOO!

US Intelligence Committee Claims Chinese Corporations Are National Security Threat.

The US House Intelligence Committee (USHIC) is warning American corporations in a new report against conducting business with 2 Chinese firms because of national security threats. Both Huawei Technologies and ZTE, two of the world’s largest telecommunications corporations and suppliers of cellular phones and technology are being highlighted by the US government and blamed for cyber-attacks. It is also claimed by the USHIC that they are involved in digital espionage.

Hong Lei, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, explained that “[China] hopes the U.S. will do more to benefit the interests of the two countries, not the opposite.”

Huawei was founded by a former Chinese military engineer and has quickly risen to be the most profitable supplier of telecommunications gear. The ZTE Corporation is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

According to the report, “China has the means, opportunity, and motive to use telecommunications companies for malicious purposes. . . . The investigation concludes that the risks associated with Huawei’s and ZTE’s provision of equipment to U.S. critical infrastructure could undermine core U.S. national-security interests.”

It is claimed that former industry insiders provided intelligence to the US concerning Huawei’s violations of US laws such as immigration, bribery and corruption as well as an alleged “pattern and practice” using pirated software in its US satellites.

It was cited in the report that the Chinese corporations were employing intelligence sources as well as private sector companies and other unnamed entities that could and assumedly did steal trade secrets, sensitive information and prehistory data while simultaneously shipped infected hard ware and software to the US with the intent to cause disruptions in national security during war time.


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