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Crying like a baby

35k ft above what used to be the greatest county in the world. Freedom, peace prosperity, all vanishing right before my eyes. I can't seem to control my emotions. The tears are flowing and i cant seem to stop. Ive moved from hope to desperation to seeming hopelessness, I can't seem to break free from the pain of watching history unfold, seeing my country destroyed before my eyes. My eyes are streaming tears, while my heart Is filled with a feeling of desperation . I'm sorry to put this burden on you my friends, but I can't seem to control myself. After years of battles, ridicule, and desperation I seem to have lost the battle of our forefathers. My duty as a defender of freedom seems to have failed.

I'm keep seeing myself standing in front of the greatest patriot of modern times (at whiskey joes in Tampa), looking him staight in the eyes, and without words saying "why". Why has this happened to us, why wouldn't they listen, why don't they care? The pain in my soul is nearly indescrible. I don't know what is next, I don't know what the next action will be. Can freedom be saved or have they won? Those fucking bastards.

I find myself I hating them. The ignorant. The deceives. The evil ones.

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