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What If We Just Take Over - The Same Way They Did?

This is an idea I've been kicking around for awhile, and I want to see what people here think.

I could write 10,000 words, but I will try to get to the gist as quickly as possible.

Let's just say there really is, or plausably could be, a secret cabal of people who want to control everyone else. Let's say G. Edward Griffin has it about right when he talks about the legacy of Cecil Rhodes, and that they have penetrated and taken control of the major areas of society that can influence what happens.

Why don't we just do what they do?

The major areas of influence are: Government (both parties), Media (all networks), Education (all universities, with some Ivy League schools being recruitment centers, as well as K-12), and Finance (Federal Reserve, Wall Sreet, etc.). Those are the four "power centers" -- Government, Media, Education, and Finance.

Let's also say that the federal government has usurped the power of the state governments and trumps state laws at will, either through Congress, or Executive Branch regulations, or the Judicial Branch opinions. For the most part, they have done this in an unlawful, not a lawful, way.

Now then, what if we used their exact same strategies and tactics, but in reverse?

For example, the US Constitution has the 14th Amendment which is construed as applying the Bill of Rights to the states; and then, the feds abuse it in absured ways. Well, what if just one state were to amend its own constitution to say that the state has the power to jail any person who violates the state constitution or the federal constitution, including its Bill of Rights (which includes both the 9th and 10th Amendments) -- NOT WITHSTANDING any federal legislation or court interpretations to the contrary?

So, if the feds try to enforce drug laws against a person for which there is no evidence he actually engaged in interstate commerce, then said drug enforcement officer could be arrested and put on trial. If he fled the state, the other states are obliged to extradite, so he would stand trial.

Of course, the feds would step in and say that is unconstitutional, but the state could point to the fact that there is no interstate commerce involved, and that the feds do NOT have authority over drug laws within the states; therefore, the feds can respectively go pound sand.

This would put some TEETH into the 10th Amendment.

Next, how do we get this done? Just like the secret cabal has done, it is a matter of both passing laws and changing the opinion within the culture. This is done by influencing politics, education, media, and finance. How?

The Free State Project has been an interesting experiment in bringing about a free state, but IMO they choose the wrong state and they went about it in the wrong way.

Why not use the playbook of the secret cabal? Afterall, much as many of us dislike what they do, they HAVE been effective. We gotta give them that.

We have seen from the GOP primary that it is really just a few insiders that make all the difference when it comes to who gets into office. So, consider the following.

I was checking out the legislature of Wyoming and there are 50 members in the House and 30 in the senate. Due to the small size of the state population (under 600,000), ALL districts -- even the senate -- are very small voting populations.

For example, in the 15th Senate District, the senate race had 3 Republicans in the primary, one of whom was a solid libertarian, from what I can tell. In the primary, the winner got 1,153 votes, 2nd place was 856, and our 3rd place libertarian got 434 votes. The general election was 2,550 - 2,061 for the Republican over the Democrat. Less than 5,000 voters (and about 2,000 in the Rep primary) for a state senate seat.

More interesting is that the TOTAL campaign contributions for the WINNING candidate -- the guy who took a seat in the state senate -- was only $7,115! And almost HALF of that ($3,315) was from the candidate himself!

The Wyoming Republican Senate group (Wyoming GOP) put in $2,750, and the national GOP only put in -- get this -- $500! After those 3 contriutors, one other guy contributed $250, and ALL OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS AMOUNTED TO JUST $200! For a state senate seat.

The GOP put in just 500 bucks, and other than the candidate himself and the local GOP, there was less than another 500 bucks contributed to the WINNING candidate!


In 2010, for ALL the Wyoming Senate elections, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party contributed about $15,000-$16,000 each. WOW!


And there was about an equal amount for the ENTIRE Wyoming House elections!


So, for about $60,000 or so, a group of people could put JUST AS MUCH CAMPAIGN MONEY towards THE ENTIRE STATE LEGISLATURE AS BOTH MAJOR PARTIES COMBINED!

The reason for this, of course, is that the GOP focuses on the NATIONAL elections and pretty much ignores the small states that are "in the bag." The Democrats do the same thing, and they have no real incentive to even try to get Wyoming's votes.

So ... why not zig where they are zagging?

And Wyoming, having the type of population they have, it probably would not be all that hard to find libertarian Republicans for every seat of the legislature -- WHO ALREADY LIVE IN WYOMING!

Let's say $100,000 per ELECTION (not per year) could be a strong influence on EVERY SEAT IN THE WYOMING LEGISLATURE!

And that does NOT include the grass roots efforts that Ron Paul supporters have shown is capable of MAGNIFYING every dollar spent.

So, that brings me to the media: Bypass it! The state is so small, that a DIRECT MAIL CAMPAIGN along with a WEBSITE with plenty of videos and podcast downloads could REPLACE the print media, radio, and television!

The website could have a section entitled, "Is Fox News Telling the Whole Story?" and "Why CNN is Wrong." Badda-Boom! Our very own media watchdog.

Another $100,000 per year might be able to selectively target households that could swing the vote in favor of Republicans who are strong libertarians!

And that brings me to finance and education. These are less direct and longer term, most likely. We can't control Wall Street from Wyoming, much less the Federal Reserve. But what about a side-by-side banking system? That's getting a ways down the road, but the possibilities start becoming interesting. After all, the Constitution says the states may ONLY use gold and silver for payment, right?

What about "money bombs" to fund advertising in print, radio, and TV advertising within Wyoming? What about a libertarian club at the University of Wyoming, and "scholarships" of $100-$500 for the students to take online courses at the Mises Institute, the Liberty Classroom, etc.? Maybe we could create our own recruitment ground that would eventually send students to journalism school, for example. Maybe we could call it the "Ben Swann Journalism Scholarship."

When it comes to finance and money, one of the secrets many people (including most libertarians) don't know about is that laws are passed and kept quiet that allow for reductions in taxes that 99% of the population do not know exist. They are not discussed much in the media, and often times they are TEMPORARY, so only "people in the know" will likely learn about them.

For example, even though Obama rails against the rich, and pushes for higher taxes, very few people know that he signed a law that COMPLETELY ELIMINATES ALL TAXATION for selling a business -- but only if you bought stock in a small corporation in 2010 and 2011, and then follow some rules.

It is a temporary change to Section 1202 of 26 USC, and allows ANYONE to sell their corporate shares for up to $10,000,000 TAX FREE. Most people are completely unaware of it, but you can be sure plenty of "insiders" found out about it and set up small companies to take advantage (as did I).

See page 7:

Another tool the secret cabal uses is foundations. Set up correctly, foundations can eliminate most income taxes -- AND CAN BE USED TO FUND EDUCATIONAL EFFORTS TO TEACH PEOPLE ABOUT LIBERTARIAN IDEAS.

They are also used to move money around "behind the scenes."


After doing some preliminary research, it appears that a "Libertarian Network" could arise in such a way that each person interested could persue their own interests (not a top-down heirarchy), and promote true libertarian candidates in a legislature that, if a majority is acheived, could actually accomplish something. And it would not require thousands of people to move there, necessarily. The secret cabal does not all live in Washington, D.C. They just influence others.

The difference is that the secret cabal lies, cheats, steals, and hides what they do, whereas a Libertarian Network would be out in the open, exposing the cheating of both parties, exposing unconstitutional laws, regulations, and court decisions, and promoting Republicans who will actually defend the Constitution as written -- not some BS version interpreted by progressives.

Both the RNC and DNC focus on particular states for elections, and they run ads and get involved in media to influence opinion. Why not us? We just have fewer resources, so we have to zig where they zag.

Wyoming is particularly attractive because the existing population is mostly Republican already and has a strong libertarian streak. One of the bigwig GOP members in Wyoming lamented in an interview that there is a constant "battle" within the Republican Party in Wyoming between conservatives and libertarians, with libertarians often winning.

Of course, I don't know how he defines "winning," but I know how I do.

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"What if"

The process has already begun -- worldwide.

It takes generations to come to pass.

This is what Ron Paul told

This is what Ron Paul told people to do by joining the GOP. Enough of us join and get involved in the inner workings of the GOP and we take over.

Blessings )o(

Bump for discussion.


"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

ytc's picture

If Wyo liberty force can neutralize Liz & Dick "torture-loving"

Cheney faction, it might work :-)


Others should have a think on this one and see how else we could build on your great start and put together enough support to make it HAPPEN.

Could it also be done in some other places?
E.G. Montana

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

Anyone here from Wyoming ...

... who could give some insight?

Another tool

Fraternal clubs and organizations.

Promote from within.

Great idea!

This is a great idea and I believe this is doable. We can make this possible and achievable by working in unity together. I'm ready and willing to do my part in getting this zig going in Wyoming.

I love it

Great idea! What a way to get some revenge against these inhumane and immoral thugs.