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Ron Paul Returns As Honorary Chairman Of "Campaign For Liberty"

(sorry if this is a re-post. I could've sworn I posted this earlier but I don't see it)

Did anyone else get a letter from C4L saying Dr. Paul has returned as honorary chairman? Apparently John Tate is still the president. I wonder what Tom Woods has to say about this.


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I've given all I'm ever going to give

I will never give another dime to select, elect, appoint, encourage any person who's main goal is to have more power over my own life than myself. From now on, I'll decide what I do, where I go, what I eat, drink, smoke. No more appointing 'leaders' for me. I can manage my own life myself thanks.

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I hope Dr. Paul either radically improves the

CFL or finds a better way to continue being a great leader in the Liberty movement. CFL went terribly astray by not being more respectful and attuned to the grassroots, the heart of the movement, and by miserably failing to be adequately transparent.

Top-down just does not work for the Liberty movement, IMO.

yes, and Dr. Paul encouraging one to read John Tates

4 page letter begging for money to support liberty candidates. I will vote for them but will not send John Tate any money. Send it directly to the Campaign of the individual running instead. Am I wrong?


No, you're right. Direct

No, you're right. Direct donations is the only way to insure that your money is going only to candidates whose positions you support.

There's plenty of ways today to find those candidates.

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