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Romney SLAMMED for refusing to cut Military-Industrial Complex!

This talk show host is a friend of Ron Paul's and supported Paul in the primaries though he is supporting Romney for now(reluctantly he has admitted) because he feels Obama is the greater threat at the moment. Still he does take opportunities to criticize Romney when he fails to live up to the Ron Paul standards in big ways.

Jason Lewis: No cuts to Military-Industrial Complex is big mistake for Romney

In response to a caller discussing the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama over cutting federal government subsidies to PBS, talk show host Jason Lewis revealed that he felt Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney was making a big mistake by not considering cuts to government programs all across the board

Read More at: https://subsidiaritytimes.wordpress.com/2012/10/11/jason-lew...

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The more negative feedback to the flip-flopper

the better.