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Super Slow Motion Video Of 9/11 Pentagon Strike.

This is the same one we have all seen but I've never seen it in super slow motion. Whatever struck the pentagon comes into the right hand side of the frame at exactly 1:27. Pause it at that point and see if you can determine what it is. If you can't tell what it is, can you at least determine what it cannot possibly be?


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A better question is WHY

A better question is WHY have they refused to release the other 16 security camera views of this event?

I googled missile types

Bunker buster? Nope.

Cruise Missile? Maybe.

Anti-Tank Missle? nope

Anti-Cruise Missile? maybe

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There's only 1 frame...

...where you can see the object before impact, at 1:27. And what is it? Well, it looks like a horizontal tube/cylinder/bar, light in color. That's all I can say. As far as I know, the nose of a 747 is smooth, doesn't have any bar/tube/cylinder jutting out. I can see why people might think it's a missile, but there is certainly no way to be sure based on this image.

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Someone out there needs to

Someone out there needs to twixtor the original video footage.

It wasn't even in slow motion....

and that video is super-old. Where is the slow motion? Where is something new? Not here.

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Trevor - It's the slowest I've ever seen it

in the other youtubes of that clip I had never been able to stop it exactly when the object entered the frame.

But, excuse me if I wasted 20 seconds of your time. I'm so hurt by your down vote that I'm now crying uncontrollably and will probably get NO sleep! BOO FCUKING HOO!

calm down there Chief...

and I'm down voting you again!

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Oh the humanity, Trevor!

Another down vote? I'm now all curled up in the fetal position still weeping from the last down vote. Have you no mercy? (heavy sigh....ah boooooo, hooooooo)

Where's tito when I need a tissue?