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Being a Constitutionalist in Idaho gets you roughed up by police

The following link is to a blog detailing an incident where police assault a woman and pull both her and her husband out of their house swat-style. A swat type response for a 911 call alleging domestic violence. The escalated response is due to an officer identifying the suspect as a "Constitutionalist". A search of his home reveals a grow room...for TOMATOES!

There is also video at the end of the blog.


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Why do so many police act like they are the victims while.......

.......violating the Constitution in order to enforce real, or imagined, violations of immoral laws.

hi rich

at least they didn't kill the dogs this time. that's their normal M.O.

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No doubt they would've had

No doubt they would've had the dog been more aggressive. My dog would have been toast.

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no link