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Reality Check: Is SCOTUS Putting An End To "Personal" Property?

Ben Swann Reality Check looks at a case before the Supreme Court that would mean the end "first rule principle" for selling personal property that originates overseas.


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another reason to buy made in USA

maybe this will put a boost to US manufactures? They can promote their products as the only ones you can trully own. Wait, if farmers plant Monsanto's GMO crops they don't own them either, and most don't seem to care

The anarchists may actually win in the end.

It is fast becoming apparent that government, any government is more trouble than it is worth.

How in the name of God's green earth....

...does a publisher or any other producer have the "right" to keep an individual from reselling something that they purchased legally?

If they want to sell things cheaper overseas, great. But don't come infringing on MY personal property rights to protect THEIR marketing strategy.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I'm now starting to truly believe

Ben wakes up each morning, checks the top stories here on the DP, refines the argument and puts together his segment for the broadcast later that day.

If you're reading this now Mr. Swann, thank you for being an articulate and intelligent voice for Liberty.


The Constitution was written so that the government would have to get permmision from the people to anything out of the limits set by it. But now it's turned sidedown up and sdrawkcab. And our congress is representing corporations and not us.

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

So What... didn't you already hear the hammer?

Dig a hole on your own land, you're a criminal. Fix your own bathroom, you're a criminal. Explore the workings of a computer program, you're a criminal. Plant the beans you bought at the market, you're a criminal. Drink you're own milk, you're a criminal. Voice your feelings on the internet, you're disappeared.


why worry now?

I'll take my Liberty, it's not yours to give.

Well I guess that's one way

to shut down what little free market we have left.
Can you imagine getting permission to sell hundreds of
25 cents items at your yard sale!


There goes Craigslist

Sounds like

the referee--s plucking on behalf of Wiley had a bit too much to drink on the day of their decision, or maybe they had a nasty hangover. They should have awarded Wiley their 6 cents for the try and issue an order to never see them in court crying again for this kind of crap.

Just another stop on the road to black (free!) markets

underground, under the radar, understand?



I'd like to get to a much deeper issue in this case. If the publisher is able to give it to Thai students so cheap why the fuck are we here in America getting screwed? I end up paying $1,000.00 per semester for my law books. Not everyone that goes to college was born with a silver spoon up their ass like Mitt Romney. Ok it's not a deeper issue but it still pisses me off.

reedr3v's picture

but Swann is addressing the deeper issue.

The government (its many-tentacled branches) for many decades has enjoyed the power to enforce monopolies and reward special interests -- all at the $$expense and basic cost of lost civil rights. Government "largess" and rewards to the powerful always run up costs -- whether through money inflation (debasement) or simply blocking competition from challenging prices -- as in health care costs, energy, postal rates, transportation, education or text books, etc.

once you fully understand why

once you fully understand why it costs Americans so much, then You will truly understand what is going on.

Yeah. Law books are

Yeah. Law books are ridiculous.

Is there any way to affect

Is there any way to affect with SCOTUS decides? Would it do any good to contact your representatives? Would it do any good to stand outside the court? Is there anything we can do?

The people can nullify these

The people can nullify these laws and rulings by simply ignoring them. When they are enforced by the ruling thugs. They can again be nullified by the individuals in the jury, through jury nullification. I know that there have been at least two recent post on here concerning nullification. One case dealt with marijuana and I don't remember what the other dealt with. People need to educate themselves and others about jury nullification, it is something that you can do individually and immediately to save another person from tyranny.


Also, you can't ever rely on what a jury might do and in most jurisdictions you are not allowed to give a jury instruction on jury nullification nor even mention it. So, if you have an uninformed jury that goes by the letter of the law you would be screwed. What really needs to happen is for SCOTUS to do the right, rational thing.


But it has no bearing on how SCOTUS decides. Which was his question.


generally get briefs from people not involved in the case called amicus curiae. That's about the only way anyone outside of the case can make a difference. That is of course unless you are a government official or have loads of money then they might take that into consideration as always.

They can have all my ammunition.


Why are US products exempt?

Are these the first capital controls showing their ugly face as well?

I will refuse to buy anything that does not have a permission slip included.

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Yeah, and we'll soon have Dept of Permission Slip Writers,

the largest of all bloated Fed Gov bodies. And Obm can boast how many new jobs he created in this dire economy.


Whoever has the patent on the product should include a permission to resell slip with first purchase or I will not buy it.

No bureaucracy needed.

I agree the issue sucks. I just don't see it working when folks are competing for sales.