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Ross Perot & David Walker Interview on CSPAN

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If Perot wanted things fixed, he'd have jumped behind Ron Paul and used his voice for Ron!!
Their from the same freakin state!!!
He's angling for something.

Jackson County Georgia

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Economic Cancer.... well said Ross!

David Walker makes some excellent points as well but I disagree with his assertion that we need to broaden the tax base. This is nonsense!

Just like Dr. Paul says, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.

As far as raising taxes...NO WAY...Period! The only way I would support a tax hike on the wealthy only is if it was temporary and passed in conjunction with a balanced budget amendment.

Otherwise, no tax hike on the rich and raising taxes on the poor or middle class is out of the question altogether.

Great discussion!

They sounded like they were

They sounded like they were getting prepared to run for something.

Ross Perot may be a benevolent leader that could fix the debt and deficit problem, but it is clear he is a "government needs to fix it" person. If he was running I would see him as a good solid alternative to Romney and Obama, but he is not a free market, constitution loving person.

After having my eyes opened by Ron Paul, Ross Perot sound different from what I remember in the past . . . not as good.

is it just me...

or does it look like Perot hasnt aged a day in the last 15-20 years?? He actually looks younger and healthier than he did in the mid 90's. Dr. Paul should go seek this man out- he could keep going for another 20 years!

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Supported Perot and Voted for Perot!

I was glad how many times he mentioned the problem of the media and people educating themselves about our problems but I'm afraid he's right about people not wanting any change until we've really hit bottom.

No mention of RP

Unreal. They go on about the other candidates talking about these issues, and no mention of ONE that did discuss these issues and more and with great detail.

BTW Ross....we're NOT a democracy as you stated.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

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I was

thinking the same thing. Even though he's not perfect, I'm not ashamed to admit that he is the only one I have voted for for President since I was old enough to vote.

I don't know how RP slipped under his radar. As resourceful and determined as we are/were, we should have been able to get word to him about our guy.

It wasn't a bad interview.

It wasn't a bad interview. There were some good facts by David Walker, and Ross Perot did make a good comment about us being at risk of foreigners coming after us. I kind of view that as the globalists over a country.

There is only one Ron Paul. If we are going to hold that standard for everyone, we will only be disappointed. Continue to educate and work on folks.

I just watched that entire

I just watched that entire segment and realized, that only Ron Paul people would spend our time educating ourselves.

Ross Perot is no Ron Paul.

Ross Perot is no Ron Paul. He has no clue about economics. He wants the government to fix all the problems. He wants to raise taxes. He never talks about a free market being the solution.

Thanks for Sharing...

this video. It's funny, I was just thinking about Ross Perot yesterday, and today there is a new interview. You read my mind. - HS

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!


Discusses the Tea Party movement

@ 8:46...

at the 8:46 mark "let me tell you in plain texas talk..."
whenever you hear that you know your about to get punched in the face with the truth.

end the Fed Ross!

end the Fed Ross!

Perot ain't what he used to be

20 years ago, Perot was sharp as a whip and spoke clearly about solutions. He ran rings around Clinton and Bush Sr. in the presidential debates. He would've won the election if the Int'l bankers hadn't threatened him and his family (news got out that he'd been called into a meeting with the bankers shortly before he dropped out). Now he's just peddling a book and ignoring the existence of Ron Paul while at the same time, showing concern over an issue that RP brought to the forefront. Would've been nice if when asked by the interviewer what he thought of the candidates and the debates if he'd mentioned that RP was the only one who was focused on important issues and had the right solutions. If Perot is really concerned about this country, why didn't he come out and publicly endorse RP a year ago? Very disappointing.

Perot never was.

He dropped out of the 1992 race when he was leading, blaming it on George H.W. Bush's goons threatening his family. The Bushes are certainly powerful; but, if that were true, I am pretty certain Perot would have sent George Bush the ears of one of his brothers or sons. My understanding is that Perot threw the race to Bill Clinton in exchange for a big piece of the Medicare contracts.

I suspect he didn't come out

I suspect he didn't come out and endorse Dr. Paul because the original threat still stands. Interesting though, that he was threatened after a meeting with the bankers, and Dr. Paul too kind of pulled back on his campaign after a meeting with the bankers. . . . sure makes you wonder.

Blessings )o(


Would have been nice.

The Constitutional Return to Sound Money - Today!

I was thinking the same thing

Would have been nice to hear

Ron Paul en Ross Perot.. on the same turf?

Why did not Ross join with Ron Paul? Sounds like they think alike on many issues. That would certainly have been a strong support for Ron Paul I think and it looks to me these two man can get things done.
Why don't Ron Paul en Ross Perot join the Libertarian Party and Garry Johnson.... In extraordinary times extraordinary measures are needed and ego's have to be put asside to save liberty and the USA. It is 30 seconds before 12 o'clock... and the clock is allready: Made in China.

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I was asking the same thing

I was asking the same thing while listening to the interview. By the end, I think I got the answer to the question. Ross Perot wants government to fix everything. It's kinda like the way Jon Stewart talks so much . . . "We don't need to get rid of government, we need efficient government".

Ross Perot may just be the stand-up guy to make government to be more efficient and even resolve the deficet/debt problem, but he doesn't want the free market to take over. A side effect may even be improvements in the civil liberty and war areas, but the system will remain unaffected.


Ross has not read Ayn Rand. He still talks about sacrifice, children, future and the country. But what it takes is the restoration of private property and sound money.

Well, who can blame Ross when even majority of RP supporters put their anger on private banks rather than on their parents and grand parents who had been voting all these decades with their children's future and personal sacrifice (taxes, military service, etc) in mind?


an hour of listening to Perot say, "We have to fix it and fix it now." Real downer.

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good find

Thanks for posting.

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