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Most of those objecting to Governor Johnson want us to vote Romney & Obama

Isn't that terribly ironic?

Of course, they're not going to admit it if they are here. Because here they are infiltrators attempting to minimize our influence in any way possible. Their aim is to either capture or neutralize the votes of Ron Paul supporters.

If they can't convince us to vote for Romney & Obama, plan B is to convince us to fracture our vote into insignificance by trying to get us to write-in candidates and vote for insignificant candidates which have failed to get on the ballot in most states.

The last thing the establishment wants is for all independents, libertarians, and Ron Paul republicans to unite behind a viable candidate like Governor Gary Johnson, and establish a viable third party.

The establishment's goal is to either scare us into voting for Romney & Obama, or fracture our vote into insignificance; divide and conquer!

Don't fall into their trap!

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If you are clueless to that then it is no wonder you are clueless on Gary Johnson.

You are a liar.


AND I DID NOT SIGN THE POST YOU CREATED http://www.dailypaul.com/258749/vote-for-anyone-except-johns...

And I do not appreciate you using my ID to say so. I would never say the words you typed.

from the facts i said, which

from the facts i said, which one isn't true?

No, Im writing him in bc that

No, Im writing him in bc that is my choice.

You dont have to do it.

One this is for certain.....

Neither RP or GJ will win this election, get over it.