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A Dream Dies but the Beat Goes On. Ron Paul and those trying to cash in on his legacy

by Philip Giraldi | Antiwar.com

I am still trying to recover from the Republican Party’s overwhelming failure to understand that only Ron Paul was speaking good sense about the dismal state of U.S. foreign policy. Depending on whom you listen to, however, one might almost think in spite of all evidence to the contrary that the revolution is still going on and just one more tweak will deliver a Brave New World. That is because hardly a day passes without yet another email from the various organizations that are seeking to cash in on the Ron Paul legacy, demonstrating that they have the moxie to continue the fight. The most recent email from John Tate and Campaign for Liberty pledged to do something about drones, the latest empty promise that comes on top of not-quite-achieved victories in auditing the Fed and Pentagon and defending the Internet. Just send $50 or whatever one can spare. We’ll spend it wisely. Really.

In spite of it all, I strongly believe that Dr. Paul’s immense contribution to the political debate forced something of a rethinking of the unfortunate direction that our nation has taken in the past 10 years. His message continues to resonate, if muted, and is worth more than an eventual footnote in a history book. In the area of foreign policy, he alone had the courage to speak out on issues that the other candidates chose to ignore while puffing out their chests, wrapping themselves in the flag, and boasting of “American Exceptionalism.”

The only problem is that many of those who are now crying “legacy,” including Tate and Company, couldn’t have cared less about foreign policy when they might have actually done something to intensify the debate. They obsess about drones in the United States while ignoring their use overseas. They were precisely the folks who failed the campaign or who sold out in the first place. Onward and upward, leaving no man behind has turned into “let us reason together” and let’s “go along to get along.”

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I gotta say - I agree with EVERYTHING in this piece. Which is most unusual for any article.

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The Movement is clearly not Dead

But it we are at a turning point. We're maybe not as unified as he have been, but that's simply because we don't have a strong singular goal with a front man to point to. I don't really see this as a problem, and knowing what I do about the average grassroots liberty driven activist, Im not worried. Things will be shaped organically, and we will assemble and show our numbers when its needed.

Just live the values we express. Lets change the culture by educating people one on one, this slow growth is a powerful force, much more so then we have given it credit for.

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Looks to me like Giraldi is trying to kill the dream. In an

article published on TomWoods.com Aug. 30th http://www.tomwoods.com/blog/phil-giraldi-on-ron-paul-and-th... Giraldi goes full steam ahead trashing Audit the Fed, C4L, LPAC and Rand, and now says the r3VOLution is over and the dream is dead. This is the exact opposite of what Ron Paul said in his LPAC speech. Nice - praise Ron Paul on the one hand, and completely trash everything he's most proud of and has worked so hard for on the other. As the old saying goes: "With friends like these who needs enemies?"


All he is doing is pointing out corruption...

Your killing the messenger... and defending those who stabbed Ron Paul in the back to promote his son's ascension to the kiddie table of the GOP...

Actually i think its the rand

Actually i think its the rand haters who are stabbing ron paul in the back

don't put up with it

unsub from the lists. Each email contains a link! I did because it was getting overwhelmingly annoying. These people have no clue that we were supporting Dr Paul not just because of the message, it was his honesty and integrity, something which many of them will never have.


I like Ron Paul as much as you do, but I think it's time to finally give up on the Republican party. They are NEVER going to let someone like Ron Paul in.


that's why ron's plan was to

that's why ron's plan was to kick them the hell out of their own party.

Financial Disclosure, but how often: 1x, 2x or 4x a year?

Just send $50 or whatever one can spare. We’ll spend it wisely. Really.

That's why it's important C4L disclose how its donations are used. The disclosure for us the public needn't be specific but the money should be categorized: salaries, wages, travel expenses, event expenses and so on.

If no improvements are made in a reasonable time, however reasonable is defined regarding C4L members' activities, how much money spent on those activities should be disclosed. This disclosure should encourage more donations and keep employees of C4L honest about their work to achieve their goals whether they're legislative, education or other activities. Self performed accountability, disclosure in this case, is a win-win for an organization and its contributors.

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton Forest Dutton, MD, in his 1916 book whose subject is origin (therefore what all healing methods involve and count on), simple and powerful.

Campaign for Liberty is Where Ron Paul is Haning his hat

I spoke with Ron Paul recently at LPAC and he is still completely excited and enthused about the Liberty Movement that he inspired.

C4L is his vehicle for continuing as a major player in this movement in the future. When I told him how on fire his NC delegates and volunteers were at the campaign wrap up, he was thrilled to hear it.

C4L is Ron Paul and he trusts and respects Tate. Who are you to question him?

The r3VOLution continues ...

Ron Paul 2012 NC Coordinator
Find me on facebook & Twitter @lovingfreedom

Hanging his hat ...


Ron Paul 2012 NC Coordinator
Find me on facebook & Twitter @lovingfreedom

The revolution is fine...

The revolution is fine... it's antiwar.com that can barley keep the lights on anymore.

Ron Paul just sent out an

Ron Paul just sent out an email declaring himself honorary chairman of c4l. This is good.

I got that again also, but I

I got that again also, but I had read this same info more than a week ago from some other source (I don't remember where).

I got a letter in the mail

with a forward from Ron Paul saying he is the "honorary" chairmen. Honorary to me means they can use his name but he in no way is in any leadership role. They wanted me to give them $130, or even $60 so they can blah, blah, blah...

...I ripped it up and threw it in the trash. I joined the Libertarian Party and feel great about it. They can play their political games but I'm joining the party of principle.


the party of bob barr is the party of principle?


Bob Barr is currently whoring with the 'party of limited government', the original rock he crawled out from.

that doesn't mean that the

that doesn't mean that the supporters of barr aren't still within the party.
there is nothing libertarian about the LP other than its name.


is an effective, active, and ideologically pure organization. that said, it is still comprised of individuals, not without challenges or problems, but a very good organization.

...get on board!

Effective immediately...

"With the end of a busy year behind me, I wanted to make sure I sent you this note with an important announcement: Effective immediately, I am returning as the Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty."

-Ron Paul

Old news

He is also the honorary chair of Libertypac. Unless he gets active in running the thing, it is just that....an honorary position to use his name for publicity. Michelle Obama is honorary chair of American Ballet Theater Opening Night, Wolf Trap, National Book Festival and a gazillion other things. Think her rear ever saw the inside of a tutu? If Dr. Paul really gets hands on in the organization, it means alot more than just putting his name on it. I believe the only reason he took his name off was for legal reasons regarding his run for president. I'm sure the quote you posted was part of a long email asking for money.

"[it's just] an honorary position to use his name for publicity"

Yes, but would Dr. Paul let them use his name for publicity if he didn't approve of what they're doing? Obviously not. And if Dr. Paul thinks they're doing good work, I would tend to trust that opinion.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Another Rand hit piece with nothing but hot air.

Rand's bill and ad opposing foreign aid are right on the money. The author faults him for not going after Israel. Don't worry Mr. Giraldi, that great friend of liberty (?)Senator Lindsey Graham took care of that for you (by implying that Rand's bill was somehow an attack on our relationship with Israel).

The neocons LOVE to wrap themselves in the Star of David anytime anyone criticizes foreign aid in general. Remember that is exactly how they criticized Rand's budget proposal that cut off ALL foreign aid to ALL countries. (A bill the author conveniently fails to mention.)

It is obvious that the author doesn't like Rand. He also seems bent on signing the revolution's death certificate and dismissing all efforts to maintain Ron Paul's legacy.

He wants to question Rand's motives.
I question HIS.

The Virtual Conspiracy

This article is trash...

...suggesting the liberty movement is over, and anyone continuing to work is a snakeoil salesman with no other possible motive than bilking people out of money. Bullcrap. There have always been parasites attached to the liberty movement, nothing new.

I consider this defeatist trash, if not paid shillery.

(Maybe anti-war is bitter about people making money off the liberty movement because they're failing miserably to do so, and facing unemployment!)

...let these whining bitches fade into the good night.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


where this mail goes. I NEVER bother myself to even open it anymore..

Unless Dr. Paul were to TAKE TOTAL CONTROL of this organization financially and boot the guilty culprits out, it will be IN THE TRASH BIN, period.

Me too

I'm more than tired of the phoney, I need your input to help me decide. If I'm wrong, I guess I'm too jaded now.

We are in another war for our Independence.

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I was hoping for Rand Paul to call for abolishing ALL foreign

aids, including that to "Israel, the largest recipient of US foreign aid", to bring about leaner, saner, fiscally responsible Defense budget.

I agree with Philip G that the use of inflammatory youtube did pander to skewed neocon anti-Muslim simplistic false narratives. Shame on Rand for allowing it to be posted on his website & fundraising brochures.

(I think it's especially painful to us, RonPaul supporters, to see Rand take mis-steps, because we had & have such unrealistically high hopes for Rand, carried over from our exorbitant LOVE and trust for Ron. I want Rand to be free to grow in his own time and blossom from within, rather than to play a quick mimicking game to impersonate Ron.)

I have to say that this article

expresses much of my current sentiment. Yesterday I got an 8 1/2 X 11 envelope from C4L and knew instantly that it was going to ask me for a "contribution". Of course the first page was a letter with the "stamped" signature of Dr. Paul.

I understand that C4L, Benton, Wead, Rand and even Dr. Paul himself have been and to a great extent, still are in "campaign mode". Whatever. I just know that when Rand endorsed Romney it took all the wind out of my sails. I saw the moment when Rand "turned", or perhaps showed his true colors, after the Maddow show when he got caught trying to play politician. He went in unprepared like a rookie but that wasn't so bad. Afterward, he turned and ran right into the arms of the GOP and started finger pointing at the "looney left" for his own failure to hold his ground. Since then, Rand has cozied up with Hannity and continues to compromise. Some would say that compromise is necessary in order to ultimately win. Sometimes I tend to agree.

However, I look at the strides that Dr. Paul made in two election cycles. Even toward the end of this cycle, his anti-war message was beginning to resonate with people at the grassroots level. "We can't afford another war", and "we need to mind our own business", were words being spoken on the street. The last bastion to overcome was finally dented, without compromise. Then, implosion.

I know nothing of Jesse Benton or Doug Wead, except what I read. I like Tom Woods, as I like Ron Paul. He has provided some "behind the scenes" glimpses of what went on in the campaign. I have read comments from Benton about the "fringe" elements in the Ron Paul camp. Elements from which I still have scars on my ass after having debated in this very forum. But those elements I have come to respect and embrace as part of the voice of Liberty.

I still believe that Dr. Paul lives by the Law of Liberty. He gets it. In order to do this, one must align his values and principles with those of Liberty. Johnson doesn't get it, at least not presently, as evidenced by his endorsement of government intervention with gay marriage and school vouchers. But then again, neither does Rand, at least not fully, with his willingness to compromise on critical issues. Viewpoints change. Character develops. Just today, Rand made a statement that he disagreed with Romney on his willingness to support the Syrian rebels.

Our leader has stepped off the stage. Only the principles we were taught remain. The fight continues. Corporatism, the MIC, a bought out media, big pharma and fear-mongering rule the day. So what do we do?

We are not going to change this with a vote. Johnson cannot win, even though a message will be sent if he does better than expected. We have people in the GOP, Blue Republicans, Libertarians, health nuts and ground troops. Like Rudy said, we are everywhere, as it should be. And, as Dr. Paul has said "Liberty unites". Even though we may have different ways of getting there, we are headed in the same direction. Liberty!

Liberty cannot be forced. Attempts to force someone to vote Johnson, write in RP, or vote one of the major parties is anti-Liberty. Opinions can be voiced, facts brought out, truth revealed and evidence presented, but in the end Love and Respect must rule the day. We must respect each other's right to freedom of choice, and personal liberty. Otherwise we give in to the principles of Negativity and Control and are no better than those we rail against.

My sermon for today. Please send your intended C4L contributions to me instead. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Since when is corruption an "overwhelming failure?"

As long as we keep calling evil ignorant, we are as ignorant as they are evil.

I misread this as "Ron Paul

I misread this as "Ron Paul dies" and nearly had a heart attack.


from the keyboard is kinda awesome. Doing something yourself sounds more like unthinkable. If you (those who criticize Tate) were able to do better, the money would be pouring to you.