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Jesse Ventura & Gary Johnson Tear it Up in Minnesota - Macalster College

Jesse Ventura & Gary Johnson Tear it Up in Minnesota - Macalster College.

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I can't figure out why

I can't figure out why Ventura speaks so highly of Angus King. The only thing I can think of is that it is because he won the gubernatorial race as an "independent." Simply not being a member of one of the two parties is not enough. I live in Maine. I can't see myself voting for him.


Is that a Jimmy Hendrix T-shirt?


Looks like Hendrix...

three months into a twinkie and mountain dew diet. :>

UPDATE: What the hell is wrong with you sociopaths downvoting people? Hendrix looks fat on the t-shirt!

Gary Johnson people are hate filled punks. Grow up. Bunch of damn NAZIS. When I say you freaks are from the movie A Clockwork Orange I am NOT joking. Might as well put on armbands and run around beating people up in the streets.


No LOVE in you guys revolution....

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Remember, he offered his service to Ron Paul.

Like his style, or not, Jesse Ventura could have brought the "tough guy" image to a Ron Paul campaign that did not exist. Paul's campaign continually allowed the RNC and State GOP (and media) to kick sand in Ron Paul's face, until it actually became a joke to them. Now suppose, Jesse Ventura would have been at Ron Paul's side. Me thinks the whole equation might have changed. Either your in it to win it, or not.

alan laney

I really don't understand...

...all the enthusiasm for Jesse Venture as a political candidate. Whatever you think of his views, he is obviously a political non-starter, waaaay too much baggage. We might as well try to run Alex Jones.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Damn would have loved to see

Damn would have loved to see that.

Yup.. The problem is Ventura

Yup.. The problem is Ventura is not really libertarian. I like him though.

He does share many libertarian positions though

That is called coalition building. Not everyone wakes up to liberty overnight.

Maybe we should be asking why

Maybe we should be asking why Ron Paul did not accept the offer.

SteveMT's picture

Part of the deal was Ron Paul leaving the Republican Party.

Ventura wanted to run as an independent or other third party candidate not part of the establishment political system. We know the rest of the story.

Oh, OK Thanks SteveMT for

Oh, OK Thanks SteveMT for asnwering the question.

There never was a real offer

Ventura refuses to participate in the Democratic and Republican parties. So there was no chance of it happening because Ron Paul's whole strategy is running inside the Republican party.


OK...see that was a great answer. You didn't attack me, you addressed the question. That is what helps me...really. Now I know why and I am bettter for it.


Jesse seems to have toned it down somewhat but he still does not really get it.

He is a progressive parading as a semi libertarian. I remember him speaking at the rally for the republic. it seemed to be more of an ego trip and him getting known more than helping Ron.

Also, because people want to write in Ron are infiltrators ( and maybe some are ) is not true. I am writing in Ron with absentee ballot cuz he is official here. Maybe people just do not like GJ. I am one of them.

I see he mentions Angus King as being an independent and should be considered. I am in Maine and AK is a horrible choice, just another status quo jerk. Just because he is running as an independent does not mean he is a good candidate. Jesse should keep that philosophy to himself. Maybe that is why he's throwing his support to Gary cuz of his "never vote for R & D" stuff.

And as for Gary J - I really do not understand why anyone here can call Gary J a "Liberty" candidate. If you look at "ALL" of his stances he is NOT. He is all over the board and not consistently strong on many of them. He is whatever you want him to be it seems. And yes,
he needs to stop the "pandering" to the Ron Paul supporters.

O yeah, if you all think that "protest votes" are going to send a message to the elite you are once more looking through rose colored glasses. Think about it. Why would that even make a
dent in their twisted minds? It will NOT. Please wake the hell up!

VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE. That's what voting is all about.

O and also - the LP is NOT in all 50 states. Do some research will you all who are writing that.

Voting in the Presidential elections is basically a joke anyway. Do you actuaIly think your votes count? I have been in it the whole time because of Ron Paul. Period. We did well in Maine. We did best of ALL the 50 states. Period. We have people in the rotten system by choice and they will makes the changes needed starting in January.

Change starts local.

Presidents can indeed make huge changes. Please do not get me wrong. But first - you have to get there. Do any of you seriously think that Ron would have been "allowed" to be President?Don't you think he KNEW that too? I have been in this for him and to support him and who makes it in our state as a RP Republican.

He has ALWAYS been and ALWAYS will be about education. Period.

Dr. Ron Paul would have been the greatest President this country or the world had ever seen!

PS George Carlin had it right. Maybe you all ought to listen to what he had to say.

Ron Paul is My President


"Dr. Ron Paul would have been the greatest President this country or the world had ever seen!"

You're preaching to the choir here bubba, but he's not so move on. But to many people discredit Johnson without actually hearing what he has to say, just find some link and exploit that... just like the MSM did to Paul and Racism. There WERE racists newletters that came out under Paul's name.... did he write them? No, is he racists? absolutely not, but thats what a lot of people took fromt that story. Same with Johnson.

Johnson is a liberty candidate if you listened. People says he wrong because he is trying to catch the Paul wave, why wouldnt he? A smart move if you ask me....its a big market with people who are making informed decisions. Most Paul supporters I've spoken with think very kindly of Johnson and plan on voting for him, other people blow things out of proportion and skew his words and say otherwise because they are self absorbed and stubborn. Is Johnson as "true" as a libertarian as Ron Paul, nope. Is Ron Paul as "true" as a libertarian as Mises, nope. But WHO CARES? Johnson is clearly the best man for the job running NOW. Writing in Ron Paul will accomplish nothing except make you feel better about yourself and is ignoring reality. They will not be counted.

Johnson IS rallying against our overseas interventionism, wants to dramatically reduce our federal budget by 43%, end the drug war, end the fed, reform medicare/medicaid in the same way he reformed New Mexico's legislature. Repeal the Patriot Act, N.D.A.A., is for internet freedom, guns rights, etc. Its a no brainer...

Of course, people are going to put a link to some piece where he says a few misaligned statements about his foreign policy, but you guys aren't looking at the big picture. And some people have the nerve to call him a neocon when they have done absolutely nothing for the cause of liberty except moan on this message board when Johnson is actually campaigning and speaking to college students and trying to get in the debates. I commend him for continuing his efforts.

Politics is a dirty game. Government as a whole is a flawed process, to think that you're going to find someone that fits ALL of what you want is absurd. I didn't even agree with Ron Paul on everything... probably 97%, but not everything. Thats pretty amazing to agree with someone 97%. Johnson i'm probably like 90%. He is absolutely the best candidate running right now

Their motto is "Dont Tread On Me"...



Ron Paul is My President

Jesse leans too much to the "left"

This is going to hurt him if he runs in 2016. If he thinks gay marriage and govt run healthcare is going to fire up the libertarian base he is wrong. These are the first two issues he mentioned and he aligns with democrats on these, not libertarians. I also don't think he understand free markets. He needs to put down the conspiracy books for a while and pick up some Rothbard and Hayek. Lastly, I think his pro-abortion stance and desire to have Howard Stern as a running mate will be too much to stomach for many, and drive them into the Constitution party.

Libertarians are pro-gay marriage generally

insofar as they think the government shouldn't be involved in marriage. Claiming gays shouldn't be allowed the same benefits as straight people (if straight people are given benefits through marriage) is a typical republican stance..

Libertarians are pro-freedom.

Libertarians are pro-freedom. Freedom of religion. Freedom of peaceful exchange. If a business doesn't extend benefits to gay couples, the government has no place to over ide that decision. This simply opens the door to other entrepreneurs to create a business to allow benefits to gay couples.

Libertarians are smart enough to know they don't know everything. We all understand there is never a one-size-fits-all solution to any problem. We understand the closest way to a perfect society is to allow all individuals the as much freedom as possible to make their own individual decisions that best suit themselves. If a business feels is doesn't help their bottom line to insure gay couples as a married family, it is their business, not the government's.

If it is Social Security and Medicare benefits to which you are referring, libertarians don't believe in those programs, because there is nothing "free" about government redistribution of wealth.

Libertarians endorse gay marriage because

they are generally wise enough to know that none of us should be subject to the whims of another man's god. If we accept that the state should be involved in an institution such as marriage (I don't), there can then be NO religious bias. This is what it means to be a secular country: the god in your mind has no say on who I love, marry or fuck, and the god in mine will accept that the reverse is true.

Libertarianism plus religious dogma is an interesting paradox. It's what Ron Paul calls "legislating morality".

I am planning on voting

I am planning on voting Constitution Party because of the Life issue.


Ventura is a Progressive masquerading as an independent. Johnson on the other hand, although socially accepting, always leads with the conservative issues, size of government, cut spending.



Well worth the time - thanks for posting!

I also went to the state by state results are very interesting - Gary Johnson is 1st in Georgia!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

I don't agree with Gary on a

I don't agree with Gary on a few key issues, but I'm still going to vote for him as a protest vote. I ask everyone to consider a similar course. I understand why some want to write in the good doctor, but it won't be counted.

3rd here


I will secon that

for the same reasons except that he is by far the best choice on the ballot in all 50 republic states.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

"Scare the System" - Governor Ventura

"We need to work hard to get Gary Johnson as many votes as we possibly can. Because the more votes Gary gets, the more scare it's going to put into the system. The more frightened the system is going to become."

- Governor Jesse Ventura

That's right!

Who says Jesse Ventura is right?

And I might say....the more scattered the dissenting vote...the more it will scare the system because the system will not know how to respond or co-opt such wide spread dissention....
...besides the system might think that a 23% fair tax is acceptable as well as killing the the voice of liberty.

A scattered vote is not a very good dissenting vote

A scattered vote is ignored.

Johnson does not believe in "killing the unborn." This is what he beleives:

WE ARE A NATION OF MANY PEOPLES and beliefs. The only way to respect all citizens is to allow each to make personal decisions themselves.

Life is precious and must be protected. A woman should be allowed to make her own decisions during pregnancy until the point of viability of a fetus.

And a fair tax is a step in the right direction, because if the tax is so simple, then the IRS and huge tax code can be nearly eliminated. Johnson does support lowering taxes and limited government and that is a step towards that goal. It's the same with the Fed, even Ron Paul says he would not get rid of it, but instead allow competition to do so over time.