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Craig Murray Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist : I Vote For Shooting Bankers

Not content with focusing public ire on those social spongers who have the temerity to be unemployed or disabled, government has scored a great populist coup, and caused great rejoicing in the land of the tabloids, by decreeing that it is quite acceptable to kill burglars with machine guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers, tactical nuclear weapons or any of the other items the British householder keeps by them for such an emergency.

But if a burglar were to strip my home of its entire contents, it would not reach a tenth in value of the money that is going to be taken from me in taxation by government for the rest of my life to fund the bank bailouts in which my cash was given to reckless and incompetent bankers to cover their gambling losses.

Not only have they taken all my money, the majority of the money I shall be paying to cover it for the rest of my life, will consist of interest to the bankers because the government borrowed at interest from the bankers the money it then gave gratis to the bankers to bail them out.

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Ezekiel 18:12-13,

?? no comments posted on this DP thread, probably because no one wants this to be recorded, = the last sentence can be regarded as incitement to violent acts to harm someone. Many others have been saying something similar - on Tv, e.g. Max & Stacy of Keiser Report-(RT_TV) often use harsh terms against bankers and talk of guillotines. It has now become fashionable to thrash / bash banksters.
Maybe Craig read his Bible, many others are reverting to the wisdom of the ancients, regaining lost treasures (of knowledge). Actually, some $inners are psychos, = act suicidal in a different way, = they invite the wrath, (also of the wronged ones, & the nations).