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Ron Paul on CNBC Bluntly Refuses to Back Romney

This is good! Video:


Link to full interview at CNBC - over 10 minutes. Thanks tsai3904. Embedded below the fold:

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I'm glad, but...

I'm glad he refuses to endorse Romney, but I wish he would give us some direction on who to vote for to re-unite the ranks. So many of us look up to him with the highest regard. A strong united front would be more effective, in my opinion. I know there are many things to take into consideration, like damaging the steps we have taken in the republican party if he endorsed a 3rd party candidate. But it still would be nice.

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I love this man Ron Paul. How can you not?

He may not be making speeches from the floor three months from now, but it would be nice to see him becoming even more bold in his criticism. You never know, he may be going hard 25 yrs down the road ripping on Robocops and surrogate soldiers. "Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, and now look at us." :]

"The rich man writes the book of laws the poor man must defend, but the highest laws are written on the hearts of honest men."


would love to see 1000 upvotes...not for me, but for the good Doctor!

Goal is 1,000 Votes, Good Start though with over 354 now!

( : Thank you Dr Ron Paul!


Thank you Ron Paul




Great -- thanks!

I'm sharing this with my Facebook friends, almost all of whom are big Romney supporters. I know they'll hate the headline but maybe one or two of them will listen to it -- I'm hoping.

"Therefore, having put away falsehood, let each one of you speak the truth with his neighbor, for we are members one of another." (Ephesians 4:25)

RNC/GOP will get what they deserve.

The RNC/GOP cheated during the primaries and the National Convention. Now, it's our turn (on Dr. Paul's behalf) to cheat the RNC/GOP out of the election by not giving them our votes.
One good turn deserves another. It would be complete foolish for any Liberty minded individual to vote for the Romulan.

Exactly why The GOP / RNC Would Not Allow Ron Paul To Speak .

Exactly why The RNG/GOP Would Not Allow Ron Paul To Speak at The Convention:

Because he would not have only DEMOLISHED mItT rOmNey:


And the good news is: He still does and always will :)

Wisdom Strategies

He wouldn't demolish any of them, he would educate them

And the people.

The last thing the both the RNC and DNC want is educated people.

My computer won't play the full CNBC interview -

Can anyone please provide a youtube link for the full interview - I can usually see youtube fine.

It would be much appreciated - I'd LOVE to hear all our Champion of the Constitution has to say.



LOVE having all these talented patriots in the Liberty movement!


Thank you for the Full Interview!

Do make sure you watch the

Do make sure you watch the whole interview. It's absolutely awesome from start to finish :-)

I Thank Michael Nystrom For Keeping This On Top. 1,000 Votes!

I Thank Michael Nystrom For Keeping This On Top. 1,000 Votes!

I hope this stays ON TOP until at least The Weekend is over and we get to 1,000 votes.

I have comments below, God knows where now because this article is really getting attention. I am so happy :)

Dr. NO!


The Republican Party / RNC now lost The Youth Vote for perhaps Generations to come.

We are The Internet Generation and this will NEVER be forgotten.


Cheers to all ♥


Wisdom Strategies

He's called Dr. Know by those that respect him

It's his enemies in Congress that call him Dr. No.

Dr No

Has been Dr Paul's nickname since at least 2007. It is a sign of respect for his habit of saying "no" to any bill that is unconstitutional, or increases spending. His friends call him Dr No not his enemies

Dr. No

Actually, I think the monicker "Dr. No" is a sign of great respect - it means he votes "NO" on pork-barrel spending, escalations of the wars, and so on. It's a sign of respect for a man who wants to quit wasting your money!

"Dr. Know" is also rather kewl, but No to Spending is something I hold in the highest esteem!

Freedom is my Worship Word!

It started with other members of Congress calling him Dr. No

They were making fun of him because he always voted no.

As Ron Paul supporters, we like the fact that he always votes no on unconstitutional legislation. But I don't care to use a term coined by the enemies of our Constitution in order to make fun of him.

Instead, he always votes no because he's Dr. Know (he Knows our Constitution, he Knows the truth, and he Knows how to stand up against corruption).

In a way, now that more people know him better, the term is actually backfiring on them because more and more people are realizing he's been doing the right thing all along, and they want someone to stand up and say no.

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Wow. I shall remember this

Wow. I shall remember this !

I didn't know. Thank You.

"What's in a nickname ... ?"

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

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rightly so, it would seem, given his truthiness.

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Ron Paul On The "One-Party System"

Mutt Romnut isn't getting my vote.

Glad RP always stands for what he believes, which happens to be right and true.

Cut off?

Was that just where it ended or did the news station cut him off there?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Mitt Romney

Ron Paul also bluntly refused to Campaign against him.


NOT SO! The RNC cheated hands down!


uh, no, he didn't.


Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul


one has to admit that Dr. Paul could've at least stood to have been more aggressive towards Rmoney rather than focusing on the other clowns in the car.

I remember plenty of people wanting Dr. Paul to go after Mitt with each new ad that came out, but it never really happened beyond that 'two plastic men' ad.

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I Just HAD To

replay the first part of this over and over and laugh! The bubbleheaded brunette thinks she is going to get an endorsement out of Ron Paul? And Ron just says NO!!!!!!! LOVE IT!