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Walmart Workers Threaten Nationwide Black Friday Walk-Out

Walmart Workers Threaten Nationwide Black Friday Walk-Out

Donna Anderson
October 11, 2012

More than 200 workers from 28 Walmart stores in 12 different cities walked off the job on Tuesday, only the second multi-store strike in Walmart history. Converging on the annual investors meeting being held in Walmart’s hometown, Bentonville, Arkansas, the group issued the following ultimatum: Stop retaliating against workers trying to organize or Black Friday 2012 will indeed be one for the record books.

If Walmart doesn’t address OUR Walmart’s demands, said striking worker Colby Harris, from Dallas, “We will make sure that Black Friday is memorable for them.” He said that would includes strikes, leafleting to customers, and “flash mobs.”

OUR Walmart, a labor-backed organization working to “ensure that every Associate, regardless of his or her title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart” isn’t fighting this battle alone. Joining Harris in a conference call announcing the Black Friday deadline were leaders of the National Consumers League, the National Organization of Women, and the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement. If the groups’ demands are not met, NOW President Terri O’Neill confirmed that NOW members will join Walmart workers outside stores across the nation on Black Friday.

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I've worked for Walmart before

They won't care. Just hire new part-timers who will recieve 30 cents above minimum wage. In fact their probably hoping that full-timers participate in the walk out so they can fire them and stop paying for their benefits.

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wow 200 of Walmarts 2+

wow 200 of Walmarts 2+ million employees. they will most likely be replaced.