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October 12: 'Atlas Shrugged 2' Timed to Hit Screens Just Before Election

A teaser trailer promoting the politically charged movie features Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Dennis Miller, Judge Napolitano and Phil Donahue.

The Hollywood Reporter: The producers behind Atlas Shrugged Part 1 have made their intention to make a sequel official, albeit with a new cast and crew, with principal photography set to begin in April. The team is also planning an October release, hoping that the politically charged film will strike a chord with moviegoers a few weeks before they head to voting booths to choose a U.S. president.



Second Trailer:


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Sean Hannity Makes His Acting Debut

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tasmlab's picture

Saw a TV commercial during the Daily Show

I saw a TV commercial (!) and its opening at a lot a theatres.

Last time it sort of opened with a wimper, had a week of a little buzz then died on the vine.

I wonder if there are more backers this time.

BTW, do not go to IMDB and look at the Director's resume.

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What do Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity know about liberty???


The irony of seeing them in an Atlas Shrugged trailer.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Glenn Beck is a libertarian

when it isnt election season.

reedr3v's picture

Trailer 2 looks great; the snippet of Ayn

in trailer 1 is a poor choice IMO.

Atlas is the most

awesome book. On par with "Socialism" and "Human Action" of Ludwig von Mises.

After the book was published, it was scorned by both GOP & DEM. Ludwig von Mises sent a letter to Ayn:

" “Atlas Shrugged” is not merely a novel. It is also—or may I say: first of all—a cogent analysis of the evils that plague our society... You have the courage to tell the masses what no politician told them: you are inferior and all the improvements in your conditions
which you simply take for granted you owe to the effort of men who are better than you. "

Not so fast, Ludwig.

To say that we can have "improvements in [our] conditions" solely through the efforts of men who are better than us, is like saying you prefer the inbreath only or the outbreath only and can exist with only one of these.

The superior man, the creative capitalist who takes risks, needs the "inferior" workers to build his product and to provide general support and to plod to work day after day, decade after decade. Without them, he and his great ideas are nothing. This arrogance on the part of Ayn and her objectivist followers is the reason why I am not a fan of objectivism.

Who installed the new railway? Dagny in her $3,000 dress? Hank? Their ideas are nothing at all without the other half.

Debbie's picture

He's saying that that's what the politicians tell people and she

had the courage to point that out. That is not her viewpoint.



You probably got offended as any folks from religious right would. Ayn Rand did not consult God's plan. She did not consult socialists if everyone is equal.

Your arguments are out of place and similar to that of Obama - "capitalist did not build his business, other did." You could argue in the similar vein: "capitalists could not survive without customers of large scale." You do not see the whole picture and miss the chicken and egg dynamics. I suggest to re-visit Mises or Henry Hazlitt.

Ayn Rand argue for reason and rational morality. Collectivist left & religious right argue for blind faith in god, society, or historical necessity (judgement or Utopia) along with sacrifice to those abstract entities and concepts. Inferiority comes out from a willful desire to abandon hard work of personal rational thinking and replace it with blind reliance on faith, love, hope and change.