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The Corrupt Establishment Fears People Uniting Behind Governor Johnson

And this has been clearly evident at Daily Paul over the past several months, where establishment infiltrators have materialized to aggressively attack Governor Johnson, distort and exaggerate his positions, and do everything they can to dissuade people from voting for him; attempting to divide our votes and support among write-ins and any other candidate except Governor Johnson.

The reason is, because if Governor Johnson gets 5% of the vote then not only will it buck the two party system, but it will permanently establish an alternative party and change the duopoly illusion programmed in most people's minds.

As a former governor, Gary Johnson is one of the most credible candidates the Libertarian Party, or any third party, has ever had, and this frightens the establishment.

Sometimes the obvious merely needs to be stated, and restated, before it sinks in.

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Nobody dubbed themselvers truther

That was a term created by the establishment to slander those interested in the truth, and was foolishly accepted by some. So, why are you using the establishment's term?

I've never referred to myself as a truther, but I do like the truth. Obviously, you don't.

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funny how you ignore the facts and bring up...

"hot button" words, to distract...
truthers? where did that come from?

funy, sad

we've seen your crap before...go away, neocon

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I must admit, I disagree with the truthers' theories, but in this case, I was only using them as a comparison to explain how Gitmo Gary lovers make their argument: through downvoting and bullying.

I don't play, I commission the league.

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i wasn't talking to you, pimh...

didn't mean for you to take it that way...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

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its also fine for us to disagree...

we won't be 100% in line...no one is

we're just in the "bring out the TRUTH about gitmo gary" line...

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Is that Really the Case?

It is not only the corrupt establishment that is concerned about people uniting behind Gary Johnson as stated by the OP, but there are also people who are concerned that it IS the currupt establishment who have united behind Gary Johnson.

This clip is from the host of long time Daily Paul recommended viewing "The Money Masters"
with attached video http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=0Y1egV2Q2FE&feature=youtu.be

Someone is not telling the truth and I would like to know who it is.

Ron Paul says "Unless we understand…we must protect life, we cannot protect liberty."

Ron Paul sees that the defense of Liberty includes keeping crying, dying babies out of buckets. Gary Johnson says the mother has the right to put a crying baby in a bucket and leave it there until it dies. That is of course, unless the baby is not ripped apart while still inside its own mother.

Ron Paul says we should keep the fruit of our labor. Gary Johnson says we should give the Federal Government 23% "Fair" Tax.

I stand for Liberty and I cannot tell that Gary Johnson stands for Liberty as well.


Of all the points you could have made against GJ you chose abortion? Libertarians are split on this issue 50/50, arguments can be made for both sides. My being pro choice doesnt make me any less libertarian than you being pro life. Stick to gitmo and GJs foreign policy if you to make a point and be taken seriously.

I actually made 3 points:

1. establishment support
2. abortion
3. 23% fair tax,

I should have numbered them so they could be easily understood.

I never claimed to be a Libertarian. I am a Ron Paul supporter. I am also supportive of Life. I cannot help what Ron Paul said regarding protecting life and protecting liberty. I am speaking of domestic policy as close to home as it can get concerning Liberty. I don't know about GJ and gitmo
But that was not my main point. The MAIN point is tht the OP says The Corrupt Establishment fear people getting behind GJ. My point was that perhaps the corrupt establishment IS behind GJ. See my opening point and video...

from my original comment:

"This clip is from the host of long time Daily Paul recommended viewing "The Money Masters"
with attached video http://www.you tube.com/watch?v=0Y1egV2Q2FE&feature=youtu.be

Someone is not telling the truth and I would like to know who it is."

That point is a major concern to me as there is resident power in this Liberty Movement that the ptb would like to squelsh or lead. When I saw that video it gave me great concern.
The reason I made my comment in this post is because of the title wording the OP choose.

I appreciate you being willing to engage in a conversation about the matter.

Bill Still supports fiat, doesn't understand sound money!

Are you kidding me! Why are you listening to that guy over Ron Paul. Did you ever get Ron Paul's books and read them? No, you didn't, because you're not really a Ron Paul supporter.

Why do you act just like an infiltrator, are my original suspicions confirmed? I think so. You're just here to ultimately cause trouble and mislead people. You're not really interested in Ron Paul or liberty, only division and confusion.

Bill Still may have done a good job covering the Fed, but he only did it in order to mislead people into unsound government fiat.

"Although I love Ron Paul [yeah right], the statement that he is making on the campaign trail right now is just absolutely ludicrous. And he claims, and this is almost a direct quote, that according to the US Constitution, only gold and silver can be money. And, that's just not the case Ron." - Bill Still, Russia Today


First of all his quote is wrong. Ron Paul says only gold and silver are legal tender, which is true. Second, both our Constitution and our history of actually using gold and silver as legal tender prove Bill Still completely wrong.

No wonder you are attacking Johnson, rather than simply researching him for yourself. Your attack method is through planting doubt by asking stupid questions you should be able to research and answer yourself. I've seen you do it time and time again.

Who do you think you are?

You listen to me...I have never contributed any money at anytime to any political campaign until this year and my husband let me contribute hundreds of dollars to Dr. Paul. So do not tell me that I do not support Dr. Paul. At the same time I can hear voices of dissention and I want to know the truth. I am not an infiltrator, I am new to Liberty and I do not understand everything. What I do understand is that Gary Johnson and Ron Paul do not speak the same language. Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin in 2008. He has not as far as I know endorsed Gary Johnson. You tell me why.

I ask you questions and comment on your replies and you rarely answer me. Can you tell me why? I have other people answer me and I either know better or worse regarding my ideas.

Can you tell me why the indians could trade with indian beads? Was that fiat money? Money is valued by the holder. It either has worth or it doesn't. I think the idea is competition. When there is money to choose from there is not a monopoly control whereby the people suffer at the deceit of the criminals.

I ordered Dr. Paul's books. I sent them home with a Tea Party Activist hoping that he would not vote for Romney. I'll reorder my books on the DP Amazon link.

Infiltrator? You don't know me. I have been a straight ticket repbulican all of my life and I thought I was actually voting...starting with Reagan. I am awake now and I am not going to follow a pied piper off a cliff until I am convinced that the piper is piping the tune of Liberty...you tell me why Ron Paul said we should keep the fruits of our labor and Gary Johnson wants 23% of them? You tell me why Ron Paul says one must protect life in order to protect liberty and Gary Johnson says it is ok to kill the unborn? You tell me why Ron Paul says the marriage issue is a church issue and Gary Johnson makes it a federal issue? You tell me why Gary Johnson blames the people for not paying enough into medicare when it is the Federal Government who stole and wasted the people’s money. You tell me why people call Gary Johnson Gitmo Gary, because I don’t know the answer to that question.

You tell me what gives you the right to pass judgement on me because I am not going along with your candidate until I have some answers.

You know We, I usually do not get mad, but I am mad. I have not been thru a failing election process on the DP and it makes me sick to see everyone at everyone else's throats because people have different opinions. And it makes me mad that you would falsely accuse me.

The way alot of Gary Johnson supporters treat questions makes me further from voting for Gary Johnson, not closer. What are your goals? Can you not speak on behalf of your candidate?

I don't believe you

Your actions speak louder than any words you will ever say.

What actions?

What actions?


I've been following her a bit. Waste of time.

But you will not answer

But you will not answer me...just follow me abit?

You know what, what if Gary Johnson is a plant by the GOP? That is all I want to know. You tell me why he isn't instead of defaming me. The GOP was ugly at Tampa, what makes you think they are not still ugly? You tell me why I should switch from supporting Ron Paul, a purist and 2 months later support Gary Johnson who I do not know.

You're obviously smart enough to do your own research

But then somehow you only post things that end up leading people away from Ron Paul, or that cause divisiveness among the liberty movement. You also post around and reply to others that do the same.

If that is not an infiltrator, what is it?

All you ever claim is ignorance, and I know that is not true. I see you research and post all kinds of things, but they are often in opposition to Ron Paul or dead ends. What else does that tell me? You can't find anything good about Governor Johnson?

For those interested:

Ron Paul Rally For The Republic - Gary Johnson

I post things that lead

I post things that lead people away fron Ron Paul? How in the world do you get that out of my posts?

WE, please hear me, that breaks my heart. And I have said good things about GJ. I think he did a wonderful job with the RP question and answer session. He was not afraid of the questions, he was candid, calm, cool, collect. He answered the hard questions and appeard to do it with honesty and integrity.

I even told Legalize my husband saw some GJ for pres tagging in an elevator. (They were temp walls and everyone was writing on them, so it was not defacing.) I told sent her the message because I thought of her when my husband told me and I thought it would be an encouragement for her. I know she is working hard for GJ and it always made me happy to see a Ron Paul sign when I was out and about.

But that does not mean I agree with GJ on everything and I am specifically having a hard time with the life issue and the tax issue. I have voted pro-life my whole life. We have pro-life stickers on our cars along with Ron Paul 2012 stickers...still. That issue is a huge game changer for me. I would never have found Ron Paul and Liberty if he had not been pro-life. I am telling you that is a HUGE issue for me. That does not make me bad, that is where I am. I do not hate women who have abortions or choose abortions, I only want babies to have the right to life. I do not hate GJ because he is ok with abortion, I only want babies to have the right to life. If I don't say so, who will?

I have never called GJ a name, I have asked questions and stated facts. It seems to me they are valid. How long have you been awake? Me, only a fully for less than a year. I have been hysterical, frightened, paranoid, and yes, vocal. My country that I have always loved and thought was good is controlled by a bunch of criminals and I am scared. Basically most everything I have every believed is a fraud. I do not know who to believe and had my heart set on Ron Paul because I actually trusted him. That is who I am, and you have hurt my feelings with your accusations. That is something that I do not expect from Friends of Liberty. I can get that from an enemy...and that is not what I would expect from someone who calls themself "We the People.”

You tell me why Ron Paul says we cannot protect Liberty if we do not protect Life… and how I can expect Gary Johnson to protect Liberty if he does not protect Life. When Ron Paul endorses Gary Johnson I will know it is OK to vote for him, until then I am going to ask my questions until someone can give me a good answer…like this one http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2784862 . I want to be persuaded as to why it is OK to cast my vote behind GJ because right now I am leaning toward VJ, but I can barely stomach him. I may not vote at all for the first time in my life. That is where I am in this mess.

It's not obvious to you that Gary Johnson is not going to win?

The most important thing to have in a protest vote is as large a percentage as possible. That means everyone realizing what is going on, and working together, not trying to divide everyone up because Johnson is not the perfect candidate for president, like Ron Paul. He's not going to be president. And all I see is you you going around giving people excuses to be divided and not like Johnson, some of them very lame and wrong. To me, you look just like the others that are doing it intentionally, and I don't know if you're not. You seem pretty crafty.

As Ron Paul says, the only chance of winning is running as a Republican.

We, Your Tactics Disgust Me

Whoever appointed Gary Johnson as the procurer of the dissenting vote? Was he the Presumptive Nominee of the Dissenting Vote? I don’t ever remember being asked, and as far as I can tell the way Gary Johnson’s supporters are treating other people it leaves a lot to be desired.

After your attack of me on the other post where someone signed my ID to a letter I did not write I can only say that your tactics disgust me. Believe what you want to about me, but know this: You are wrong.

If someone had done that to you I would have defended you.

As do yours, me.

No matter how 'sweetheartedly' you try to make them.

Do you mark every single one

Do you mark every single one of your comments up and every single one of mine down?

Did you know I rarely mark mine up and I rarely mark yours down.

What, exactly, is discusting about my tactics.

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Hi Bear,

don't let him get you so upset. I think you are such a sweetheart and you are always so kind and thoughtful in all of your comments, you don't deserve to be treated that way. WE and others like him basically are just trying to tell others who don't agree with them that they are somehow hurting the liberty movement because they won't set aside their principles and hold their noses and vote for Gary Johnson, and that simply is an untrue and unfair assertion for them to be making.

Asking why Ron Paul has not endorsed Gary Johnson is a very good question to be asking and these kind of questions are turned into personal attacks simply because there is no other answer than Ron Paul does not believe Gary Johnson deserves his endorsement, or clearly he would have given it to him already. I know that you are a sincere, liberty loving individual as I am sure many others on this site do, and no one has the right to belittle you just for asking legitimate questions about the person that they are trying to convince you to vote for. Vote your principles bear, just like the man we all love and support, Ron Paul, has done all of his life. I am writing in Ron Paul myself because in my mind, he is the only one that I can in good conscience vote for.



"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

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Ron Paul's main goal is to work within the Republican Party

He cannot endorse the Libertarian Party candidate, that would go against his strategy.

Notice how all of these are Republicans?


Bear is not asking legitimate questions. She's asking questions she already knows the answer to with an agenda in mind. It's probably not even a she. The "sweetheart" attitude is part of the strategy, it's a cover and distraction.

Probably not even a she?

Let me see, I had ovarian cancer in 2008...a double mastectomy in 2009...um yah, I think I was a she...but now I don't know except I am still married to my husband and birthed a couple of children earlier in my life and managed to breast feed one of them. Yup, I think I am a she...as in pookie bear...the name of my yorkie...for short bear.

We, I think the problem is...You cannot or will not answer my questions after I ask so you attack me instead. My questions are legititmate, if you do not know the answer, or don't want to talk, then just say so.

Remember me? I am the one who wants to agree to disagree agreeably. I am happy to disagree agreeably. Can you disagree agreeably?


I have no way of knowing if any of that is true

All I can do is watch what you actually do.

I realize that, please do

I realize that, please do watch me.

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That's odd,

because he endorsed Chuck Baldwin last time and he was running Constitution Party...try again.:)

Last time he was endorsing 3rd parties

But with his success in the Republican Party, he's changed tactics and is focusing solely on becoming the Republican Party.

Do you get the personal

Do you get the personal memos?