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Plea from Saeed in Iran: "Please help us"

I recently wrote a blog post comparing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's warnings about Iran to the flatly false declarations he made about Iraq a decade earlier. The post went on to refute three key assumptions built into America's anti-Iranian animus: That Iran is building a nuclear weapon, that Iran's leaders are genocidal, and that Iran's leaders are irrational. (It can be found at http://libertymcg.com/2012/09/30/netanyahu-the-bibi-who-crie... )

Last night around midnight, I was struck by receiving an impactful comment on that post from someone who identified himself as an Iranian man named Saeed. I've copied it here just as I received it, with all its imperfections:

"I'm Iranian. I'm 28 years old. I'm expert in my job. I marriage 3 mounts before. It's the time that I should be happy and make my own feature. Our economy crushed because of us sanctions. Living in Iran have become harder and harder.

You all are living in free world but the roulette wheel of chance force me to being middle of this funny struggle between some stupid governments of Iran , Us and Israel. We are the nation that don't attack any country in past 200 years. We have the great history of about 2500 years.

Please Help us. i'm not guilty about nuclear and terrorists. my opinion is like you. I want to live in peace."

Naturally, I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but it seems more likely than not that it is real--and so I share Saeed's words to amplify his voice, to illustrate the human impact of our misguided sanctions and to reinforce liberty-minded peoples' dedication to a rational foreign policy.

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The "Government" can't attack anything

"Government" is an abstract concept. If the Americans who fly the planes and drop the bombs refuse to do it...it won't happen.

I don't think Romneys boys or Obama's Girls would jump at taking the controls and starting the war.

Only We the People have the power to STOP killing on command. Just put down the guns and walk away.


What is it about you people?

Don't any of you know what tyranny is? Tyranny by its very nature must get worse. It can not stay static, it must continue to grow. We are living under a tyrannical government that will not stop until it has made slaves out of every single one of us. America has been taken over people. Look on any college campus and you will see political correctness flourishing while whites are being murdered in every single town in this Country for the past few decades.

It is now become evident that Americans will not rise up against these demonic individuals who have wrestled the levers of power away from our legitimate government. It is every man for himself. We stand by and watch daily our fellow citizens being molested in Airports and Children are being forced to have their dignity stripped from them and still no response from any of us. As they say in the movies, "it's over Johnny, it's over."

None of you are going to do a thing because none of you feel like this is really your Country anymore. Don't you see, that is why they changed the immigration laws and have pressed upon the Majority that this is not your Country. You have no lawful right to it and if you feel you do, well then you are just a bad racist.

You people are already taking your children to the airport to be felt up or worse yet allowing them to be radiated in these body scanners. You are feeding them poison and have went along with allowing them to learn about sex in these perverted buildings that we call schools. You watch daily as to how white people are being murdered and all you can say is hey, you can't blame all people for a few bad apples. A few bad apples? Oh my goodness, how far reality has been moved from the what was once ordinary people.

Is it your fault? Yes, mostly, you have settled into a comfort zone and in the end, that is how you yes you, will be responsible for the eventual slavery of your posterity.

white supremacist drivel

"Look on any college campus and you will see political correctness flourishing while whites are being murdered in every single town in this Country for the past few decades."

"You watch daily as to how white people are being murdered..."

You white supremacist filth. What the hell are you doing here? Go back to Stormfront!

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.


First, I don't think what he said would qualify someone to be a "White Supremacist", although I suppose it does leave the door open for the assumption.

From where I stand, he has a point. How many White people are murdered and raped in this country, and how many of those are EVER called "hate crimes"? Black on White violence and rapes occur FAR more often than the reverse, yet nobody, especially the MSM, ever points this out.

Let's not forget that Whites (and Arabs, possibly more to come) aren't even allowed to express anything remotely positive about their heritage without being labelled as Nazis or Supremacists.

Do other races get their own fucked up treatment in the U.S.? Without a doubt, but let's not pretend that Whites aren't constantly targeted and berated simply for having a non-PC opinion, which automatically makes them Supremacists of course! ("White Al-Qaeda" is a good example of this)

Not trying to lecture or rant and sorry if it comes off that way, but I just wanted to say my piece.

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Oh yeah. Totally.

I mean he's only talking about how the "majority" (whites) don't feel like the country is "theirs" anymore, blaming immigration for this perceived degradation of his (white) society and calling these people he perceives to be degrading it (i.e. nonwhites) ALL bad apples. But I guess it's just a coincidence that he is using all these white supremacist talking points and he really wants liberty for all. Yeah, that must be it.

Disregard government. Acquire liberty.

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geez, david...

are you bipolar?

i couldn't agree with you more on this post (but murder knows no color when it comes to tyranny) and disagree with you more on the first one...

what gives?

were you mistaken in the first one?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Even if that guy isn't real...

...he certainly represents many people in the middle east who do feel that way. The thing is that it's not easy for Americans to do anything about it either. The Ron Paul movement is certainly trying but we're being railroaded at every turn. The rot of corruption in this country is simply too great right now (though I definitely think we're making headway). A large part of it was our indifference for years (I know I only "woke up" about 2 years ago) but definitely some of that was the corrupt MSM. All we can do is do what we can going forward. Hopefully we can get Gary Johnson elected (since I don't believe we're going to get Dr. Paul elected w/ a write-in). Or if we're stuck w/ either of Obamney, let's at least get gridlock.

How many innocent Iranians

How many innocent Iranians are caught in this pissing match between our government and theirs?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

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all of them!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Human toll

Approximately 74 million Iranian fathers, mothers, daughters and sons are.

Thank you BPM!

I recently wrote this:

I feel so bad and at the same time helpless for this situation. Just like the Iraq debacle I fear the next step will be a military one.

I find myself sad and crying quite often about these sanctions and what I fear will be next.