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Looks Like We Can Add WV, ID, and MT to States Where it's Worth it to Write in Ron Paul: 2008 Analysis

Looks like we can add WV, ID, IL and MT to write-in states where it is worth it to write-in Ron Paul. Analysis of 2008 presidential write-in votes reported out by FEC:


WV, ID, and MT all counted votes for "Santa Claus," who obviously did not file a declaration. IL seems to just count all it's write-ins even though by state law it doesn't have to.

States officially reporting out write-in votes were: CA, WI, VT, NH, PA, RI.

AL and Iowa count them and are required to report them by name, but didn't in 2008. That means we would win in a state court fight to count the write-ins by name.

In Maine and Missouri Ron Paul is also an official write-in candidate, was not in 2008 (due to Gilbert settlement in MO and Maine filing by Paul supporters.)

TAKE-AWAY: Ron Paul write-in votes will be counted, or can be forced to be, in FOUR MORE STATES THAN WE THOUGHT PREVIOUSLY: WV, ID, MT, IL.


That's 157 ELECTORAL VOTE IMPACTED OUT OF 270 NEEDED TO WIN. This will force attention to the Ron Paul message. They are in for a big surprise.

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I SURE do wish Missouri were

I SURE do wish Missouri were on that list...seems we are one of those states with sore looser laws :(

Thank You So Very Much! RON PAUL WRITE-IN 2012!

Thank You So Very Much! RON PAUL WRITE-IN 2012!

I took the LIBERTY to add it to an article I have been compiling for days and nights. I did not ask for permission because I knew in my heart you would not mind: We both want the same.

Here is my article and you are welcome to share it with everyone you know:

E-Mail, Tweeter, Facebook, Myspace: ALL NETWORKS.

Many thanks and warmest hugs ♥

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: The Write-In Campaign (All The Information Is There :)


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They wont be counted in IL.

They wont be counted in IL. Because somewhere, a County Elections Clerk decided to actually post the 1 vote, doesn't mean they are counted for an undeclared candidate.

We are supposed to be anti-media spin, but this thread is spin of it's own, as long as you keep IL in the title.

Ok thank you, good point will remove IL. We Paulers, unlike

the Johnsonistas, honor the truth. Will remove IL from title.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

For the third time now,

For the third time now, chances are your write-in vote in PA will not be counted. And I'm not a Johnson troll.

Again, in PA call your county and ask if they are going to count

Ron Paul votes. At least DPer has done so and was assured they will be, and so he is writing in Ron Paul. We know some counties count them because we have a 2008 figure. PA is part of the Gilbert lawsuit, so as MO, there is a chance he will prevail and they will all have to count them. Otherwise I'd say Jill Stein has much more solid anti-war credentials than Johnson. She is against all foreign intervention of any kind.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Alert, spread the word, we are re-taking Daily PAUL


Release the Sandy Hook video.

LOL was down-voted by the


Release the Sandy Hook video.

I know 4

people who wrote Ron in last election in my state. For some reason there is only one counted write in vote for him. That's odd.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

That's why we are doing absentee or mail in ballot where we can

or taking a cellphone picture of your voting machine screen. We will beat them at their own game, and try to put people in jail.

Release the Sandy Hook video.