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The Liberty Party

As a Ron Paul supporter this election cycle has been an amazing but treacherous one. We have gone through the ringer my friends but we made a conscious effort to stand tall, united as one against the corrupt and unjust. We are the strong family of people United in Liberty. We all share something that makes us this way, Our Love OF Freedom. And our strong beliefs of limited government, less taxation, the right to bear our arms, the right to keep the fruits of our labor, and to prosper. Instead we are constricted to imaginary chains being pulled tighter and tighter til you feel as if your will hands fall off! Then we are subjected to the vomit mainstream media to top it off. Under Obama's rule, and yes I said RULE, the american people suffer greatly and the silver tongued devil gets to play golf and cover up terrorist attacks over seas? And Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make me want to throw up. People this is important, we must stand tall in as the freedom movement we were when we started this perilous journey! But, I know many are indecisive about this election on whether to vote Gary Johnson or Write in Ron Paul. Guys, vote your conscious please I urge you make a statmente a big one! We must stand tall and back our man to the final round! #NovemberPaulTakeover #RONPAULWRITEINBOMB #TheR3VOLutionNeverDied #WeAreFreedom

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