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Washington Could Become First State to OK Pot Sales

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state is on the verge of becoming the first in the nation to let adults over 21 buy taxed, inspected marijuana at state-licensed shops.

It might not clear up more than a decade of confusion that resulted from the state’s medical marijuana law, or reverse the proliferation of dispensaries. But supporters say passing Initiative 502 on Nov. 6 could make drug laws more reasonable, prevent thousands of arrests a year, and bring Washington hundreds of millions of dollars to help pay for schools, health care and basic government services.

It could also set up a big fight with the federal government.

Voters in Colorado and Oregon are considering similar measures. But based on polls, Washington’s initiative might stand the best chance of passing. The measure has drawn slim organized opposition and gained support from some former federal law enforcement officers. The campaign has raised $4.1 million.

Read more: http://seattle.cbslocal.com/2012/10/11/wash-could-become-fir...

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Vote NO on I-502

This law will do NOTHING to further the cause of liberty. Besides all the bureacratic consequences, the arbitrary THC limit of 5ng/ml for a DUID will cause innocent individuals to be prosecuted.

Read the bill! Vote NO! Whether or or not you are a marijuana user!


pot in general

Long before all these law came to be, we never had a problem.We do now though, cause we created a problem. Then we made more money off of it being criminal than could ever be made in sales. See people have used it with success, for so many things that would take a whole post itself. Pharmacy, big company's that warehouse people, oil companies, even Dupont doesn't want it. Cuts the profits of fake drugs that make us who are terminally sick, even worse. I can't believe that god fearing people want those of us who are sick and have proven that it works, criminals. I guess your going to wait and the odds are in my favor that you will get sick before you ask for the same privilege. In fact, your bible tells you to kick puppies. If it were your mom or dad...brother sister, wife,daughter son..husband, you would you'se it for excuse for divorce or what ever.....sorry..I get emotional. I hurt so bad every day of my life and you want me to suffer, yet you came to me when I was in business, and I was to show you mercy? wtf. We are seeing over 10 thousand people in Mexico die each year for the drug trade yet you turn blind eye and support a muslim who just killed our ambassador who was parleying for our oil.Whoops not our oil..their oil. I hope after you reelect obama that the price of oil goes to ten dollars and the opium trade continues to kill you. You sick people are wrong. Very wrong, to make me a criminal so you can earn a wage watching me in a pen suffering. You really do kick puppies


I'll be supporting it in

I'll be supporting it in spirit from here in the byzantine empire of florida where an oz of pot is a FELONY.

We are BTW looking to buy a house in southern california which will cost us several hundred thousand dollars from what I hoped was our retirement fund so as to pay for a piece of lumber and dirt in socal so I don't run the risk of getting thrown against a wall ( for my own good and the good of all ) for using an herb which helps me with chronic pain which is in-operable. Fla can go fk itself. After 30 years it's bye bye and yes I resent it but yes I appreciate what they've done in California even more. Now to find that high cbd material that doesn't get you high but deals with pain. Man what a panacea that's gonna be for those of us in pain.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

I'll be happily voting for it...

...and I don't even smoke it.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Why? I'm a voter and cannabis

Why? I'm a voter and cannabis user here in WA and will be voting no! As much as I want to enjoy legalization, the passage of this would make my lifestyle choice more susceptible to criminal prosecution.

Washingtonians should vote no!

This initiative complicates the lives of many, and makes it easier for people who can't get medical cannabis to obtain legally or illegally. Sure it all sounds good, but the federal govt. will make mince meat out of us.

The only cannabis users this benefits are those who aren't Washingtonians. This legislation provides more questions than answers, more problems than solutions and protects less people on the road. Libertarians shouldn't be asking for "legalization," we should be ask for decriminalization. We've already been provided an affirmative defense in a court of law, what else could we possibly need?!? MORE government oversight?

Freedom Lovers Unite : to bring in our last chance for what was a great country back again into the hands of the people.

DUI provisions will be a problem

Although Washington State Initiative 502 would make possession of up to one ounce of usable marijuana permissible for those over 21, it adds a provision to the law setting a limit of 5ng active THC for driving. Violation is a DUI (contrary to another comment under this article, I see no indication that it is a Felony)

This 5ng limit is a problem because, unlike alcohol where most experts will agree that a blood alcohol level of .08% or more causes impaired driving, there is NOT consensus among experts as to any specific level of active THC that causes impairment. Moreover, most experts will agree that chronic users (e.g. medicinal use) maintain a higher level of THC in their system without necessarily being "impaired." Thus, if this initiative becomes law, that portion of the law will certainly be challenged.

But remember, we all have a choice as to whether to drive and when to drive, and remember also, driving while impaired as the result of ANY controlled substance (e.g. prescription medications) is a DUI.

The Feds would.....

economically crush them.

If all three state measures actually passed

Colorado, Oregon and Washington - it would be a pretty serious
in your face rebuke to the Feds.. that and the fact that California
is going to court to fight the Feds' closure of dispensaries and
asset seizures..

There are likely problems with all the measures (Washington's, especially)
although Oregon's is about the best I've seen (and have been around long
enough to have seen quite a few).

The problems with any of them pale in comparison to the problem
of the prohibition status quo..I say go for (even imperfect) legalization,
stand up for state and individual rights and sort out the other stuff
from there.

Regulating and taxing is

Regulating and taxing is liberal legalization, not libertarian legalization.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

Well Said

Well Said

Well its useless unless they

Well its useless unless they are willing to stand up to the feds. And that is physically preventing the DEA from arresting people not just some lousy court wrangling. And the BS about federal law takes precedent is why we're in this mess as most believe that is true when nothing could be further from the truth!

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Get Prepared!

The Oregon bill

mandates the state to defend the law in the
courts if the Feds challenge it.

As I understand it, Obama could remove marijuana from
the Federal list of Controlled Substances with the stroke
of a pen - him saying that he has to enforce the law unless
congress changes it is complete BS - the whole thing is about
expanding the elite's power to monitor and micromanage
everyone's personal affairs..

This law is evil. The DUI

This law is evil.

The DUI garbage is not worth it.

Looks like the younger voters will get hit hard on this one. Heck if it turns out to be a felony then kiss there voting rights goodbye for a few years. There goes 2016 election. We need those votes, every single one we can get. Or have we forgot FL?

Look into Sensible Washington, I pledged to collect 1000 signatures, 399 more people and it is on the ballot with 400k sigs. This will end prohibition in Washington State if passed Nov 2013.

Are you not tired of Government games, I certainly am. So if you want to continue playing with these JERKS, go for it, and vote yes. If you want to put it up there ( you know ) with me next year, join this group, we will make history next year.

And free the weed, as God intended.

Vote NO on 502... It is the right thing to do.

my name is Craig French, and I approve this message... bahaha
And if in Snohomish County, vote for Richard Sanders for supreme court pos #9. Liberty, constitutional judge, King and Snohomish county DA's HATE him, that alone should tell you to vote for him. Search it, lol

I appreciate your post

I appreciate your effort and I sincerely hope you succeed!!!!

The truth is that it is profitable whether its legal or illegal

...it only matters WHO controls the profit. This is the philosophy of the globalist cartels who dominate the (rigged) markets. Whether through government or privatization ("legal" or "illegal"..they are both the same) the prominent matter exists in WHO owns the rights to control the market. In an "illegal market" it is the drug lords who control the market (really its the CIA & other special interests who control the drug war [and its profits] through interventionist scams like the war on drugs which gives power to the global cartels through the legal cover of the CIA/FBI). In this way the cartels use the government agencies to control the drug market. The other way that the drug market is controlled is by the non secretive arm of big government, which has divisive schemes that are revealed and sold to the people as a way to make something (in this case marijuana) "legal" and controllable by the state to make it
'safe for the rest of society.' I live in Seattle & I will tell you that this form of government sponsorship which is being covered by mainstream media is a trick on the people. The trick is this: By publicly displaying an issue, "marijuana legalization" in the spotlight of the MSM they can make the appearance that Washington (Seattle) government is progressive in its attempts to make marijuana legal (unlike so many other states). The truth is that they only want this image & appearance so that they can tax, control & license the marijuana's development & usage. This is the sole motivation behind pushing this marijuana "legalization scam"...and that's what it is, a scam, like the alcohol scam that gave power of the production of alcohol to the cartels through the state agencies. KNOW THIS: The state will come against any marijuana dispensary that is not "State Licensed".

If the state really wanted to be the first state to make marijuana legal...then there would be NO LICENSE REQUIREMENT , NO STATE SPONSORED MARIJUANA DISPENSARY.. rather, there would only be the self evident fact "that every individual has the right to consume & put into their own bodies what they so choose without state sponsored interference. Marijuana is legal...WHY? Because it is a plant that grows on the earth, and NO ONE has ownership of that, therefore any individual who so desires, can grow the plant called Cannabis Sativa (marijuana)..like you can make your own alcohol or grow your own herbs & a garden. This is a right given by GOD, not government, whether local or global. The lie about Marijuana, or any other drug (alcohol, tobacco, etc) is that the state must be responsible for its manufacture & distribution. But what does this mean? It means only that the most powerful cartels in the world are able to use the state to make sure that they retain the ability to control the market on the commodity that society (the people) want...the state ensures that the cartels corner & control the market for whatever the commodity is that society wants because the cartels (think CIA/FBI/Federal Reserve) use the power of government to control the markets on commodities. This is an old trick, used many times in antiquity by powerful & corrupt people. In short, the state (many of which claim to be against the market) ensures that the market is not free (and full of competition & choices for the consumer) but controlled for the very few politically connected global cartels who are never satisfied with gain. Beware of the supposed progressive states like Washington who attempt to paint (false) pretty picture of an ugly dominating monster: namely state sponsored "freedom". It is just another form of socialism with freedoms face and it is not progressive in the long run, but digressive.

Right on!


suppose everyone the feds put

suppose everyone the feds put on trial was found not guilty by a jury of their peers. What power would they have then? If I lived in a state that says pot is legal I would not convict anyone the feds arrested.

I wouldn't find anyone guilty

I wouldn't find anyone guilty for pot ever regardless of my states laws.

They want to keep it illegal.

While profiting off the users. The pushers want a monopoly along with all their taxes, hired goons, and corporate prison labor.

It needs to be completely decriminalized. Your body is your property.

I think it will pass in

I think it will pass in Colorado

i'm going to go ahead and vote for it

even though i have some concerns. we'll fix it later i guess.

the Washington one is pretty bad from what i hear. they say to vote for it and fix it later too.

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anybody care to explain their down vote

i'm guessing you don't know what we're talking about?

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Rand Paul 2016

That's how I feel

about voting Romney except, I'm not guesing.. I'm on a committee to vote NO, hold his butt to the constitution and end this BS GOP to restore the republic.

Please read the measures

Please read the measures before promoting them. Its a horrible measure. Get caught with over an ounce then youre going to jail. http://www.nooni502.com/wordpress/


Yes, absolutely, everyone should READ the measure before they vote on it.

But, should one really vote against it because it limits possession to one ounce (28.5 grams).

If you are voting as a pure libertarian, opposed to ANY restrictions, then fine, vote against it. But if you really want to have the right to possess and use marijuana (not to mention the savings to the State in law enforcement and prosecution costs incurred under the present law), then ask yourself whether the one ounce restriction is really a problem.

Do you REALLY need to have more than one ounce at a time? Is it REALLY going to inconvenience you that much? How much do you use? Maybe the one ounce restriction will help you keep your use to a more healthful amount.

But as a libertarian, I support your right to destroy your own health if that is your choice.

Destroy your own health? Ha.

Destroy your own health? Ha. This is cannabis we're talking about here. Don't vote against it because it limits you to an ounce, vote against it for the myriad of other reasons!! The one that worries me the most is the new DUI law in the measure. Cops having the freedom to draw our blood as they see fit based on a nonscientific arbitrary limit, with no chance to defend yourself in court? Don't even need to be libertarian to know that this is bad law.

Don't get too excited

This law is full of BS. The only thing we need to do is repeal prohibition, we don't need any more taxes and regulations.

Oregon's Measure 80 (Marijuana Legalization)

(while not perfect) "..allows unlicensed adult personal cultivation/use.."
according to the official description that came with my ballot.

Which is significantly different from/better than the Washington measure IMHO.

Guess I'd vote for the Washington measure if I lived there, though.

Give marijuana the same legal status as dandelions and tomatoes, I say...

Both candidates for mayor of Portland, Oregon announce support of
Measure 80:


legal to grow our own

I like the fact that we would be able to grow our own. That is how it should be. They say it won't pass because virtually no money has been put into it (due to internal/external politics) but I still have hope. Virtually nobody in Oregon even knows it is going to be on the ballot and won't until they sit down and vote. I got my voters pamphlet today....too huge to read. LOL.