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The American Conservative: Marijuana Legalization Tipping Point

Not sure how many folks on Daily Paul read American Conservative. If you get a chance I recommend looking it over. Very thoughtful and provocative articles on this site:

Allen St. Pierre has waited for marijuana legalization since 1991. Well, longer than that — but that was the year he started working at the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML). So every election cycle his job is to cheer on the latest pro-marijuana initiative as though it will be the breakthrough the movement needs.

This time, the reality may be so close, he almost seems hesitant to gild the lily.

“It’s clear we’re on an upward trend and one of these two states could break through and cross the Rubicon and set up an incredible government challenge,” St. Pierre told TAC, referring to Washington state and Colorado, where marijuana initiatives have the best chance of passing on Nov. 6. Current polling shows that majorities in both states support the measures.

Continued - http://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/marijuana-le...

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Thank god for the internet. I

Thank god for the internet.

I know an alcoholic that quit cold turkey and started using mj at the recommendation of friend. For some reason this person developed a liking for jazz....can't explain it.

I'm so psyched to vote for this...

in Colorado! And at the CO GOP State Convention, legalization was one of the Party Platform issues we voted on.

I truly hope you . . .

beat the Prison Industrial Complex.
they'll fight this more than anything else!!

Jackson County Georgia

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for peaceful domestic legal system that eliminates victimless crimes